Stop The Hate, Free Kate


Free KateI found this article on a friend’s Facebook wall this morning.. and I couldn’t be more shocked and disgusted by some of the actions taken against this 18 year old teenager, Kaitlyn Hunt.

Read the full article HERE.

From what I’ve read about this story, Kate (as she’s known to her friends) seems to be a good student – cheerleading, basketball, chorus, good grades, and was even voted ‘most school spirit’.

However instead of preparing for graduation and life beyond high school, she’s fighting a battle against expulsion and bigotry.  She’s been charged with two felony counts of lewd and lascivious battery on a child 12 – 16 years of age, and may go to jail instead of college.

Why?  All because she was dating a 15 year old girl she’d met on the basketball team.

According to the above article:

‘..the relationship caused waves at the school from the start. Kaitlyn was dropped from the basketball team because the coach feared a same-sex relationship would bring unwanted “drama.”

‘Then the family was shocked and devastated when police came to their home in February to arrest Kaitlyn. She was charged with two felony counts of lewd and lascivious battery on a child 12 – 16 years of age.

‘Kaitlyn was 18 and her 15-year-old girlfriend’s parents pressed charges.’

That’s right, boys and girls.  Instead of dealing with the fact that their 15 year old daughter was dating another girl, they instead lashed out and are trying to ruin Kate’s life.  All because they’re too closed minded to realise that their daughter likes another girl.

Initially the other family petitioned the school and got Kate expelled weeks before graduation, but a judge agreed she could return as long as she didn’t have contact with the other girl.

However she is still facing these charges, though was offered a plea-bargain – house arrest for two years, plus a year of probation.  Meaning, if she’d accept it, she’d have to hold off entering the next stage of her life, and the charges would stay on her permanent adult record.

holding handsThis is completely and utterly wrong on many different levels.  Regardless if Kate is 18 years old or not, she’s still a kid in high school.  How could it possibly be wrong for her to fall for someone on her basketball team.. and only 3 years younger.  That may seem like a lot in high school, but in the real world, 3 years is nothing.

But it’s also the fact that the other family and the school were willing to place the ‘blame’ entirely on Kate’s shoulders, as if she ‘forced’ the other girl into the relationship.  But as well, the school hasn’t done anything to stop the homophobic slurs written about Kate in the school lavatories (that her younger sister has had to see).

It still shocks me, in this day and age, how some people can still be so close minded about something like sexuality.  We all know (most) kids experiment at some point in their adolescence, be in high school or perhaps as late as college, because it’s a natural thing to question who you are and try to figure it out for yourself.

Admittedly dating and experimenting are different things, but I’ve know people who’ve ‘experimented’ with their sexuality by dating people of different genders to see which felt right.  And that’s ok, because in the end that’s what life should be about, finding out what works for you.

There was no harm in these two girls dating each other.  They weren’t hurting anyone, nor were they hurting each other.


The excellent human rights website has started a petition to the Indian River County State Attorney’s Office to stop the persecution of Kaitlyn for being in a consensual same-sex relationship (the other girl has openly stated this, despite her parent’s position).

If you agree she shouldn’t be prosecuted for loving another girl, please click through the link to sign the petition.

Click here to sign the petition


6 thoughts on “Stop The Hate, Free Kate

  1. ivansblogworld

    We can send people to the moon, can do life saving surgery.. However how far have we actually come. The 15 year old may grow up to hate her parents. As Sally Field said when she got an award from the Human Rights organization. “If children are different from there brothers and sisters , so the F&$# what. ” I highly recommend that YouTube clip.

    Great post and hope all good with you. Ivan.

      • ivansblogworld

        Have posted her speech. It’s very powerful. Not just because she is Sally Field but as she is a Mom of a Gay Man. Ivan.

  2. aguywithoutboxers

    Excellent activism, my blogging brother! Thank you for sharing this. Please visit my site tomorrow, May 20. I nominate you for an award.

  3. I am 22 years old and currently in a relationship with a girl who is 16 years old. Me and her have no isssues with eachother whatsoever but her parents seem to have issues with me and her dating. They are trying to get a restraining order barring me from seeing or speaking to there daughter. Can her parents actually do this on her behalf despite her wishes against this happening?

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