First World Problems


Probably the only somewhat positive thing to being unemployed for so long is it’s given me a slightly different perspective on life.  Or at least it’s made me look at how other people react to things in their lives a bit differently.

real problemsWe all see our friends’ Facebook updates, exposing both the good and bad things going on in their lives (some just don’t have a filter or know when to stop..), mostly wanting others reading their statuses to agree with them or give them kind words to make them feel better.

But what about those who complain about the stupidest things?  Things that, in the sense of the real world, really don’t matter and aren’t truly worth bitching about?

Of course, I’m just as guilty of doing it just like anyone else.. we’ve all done it at some point, complained about something so trivial by making it sound like it’s the end of the world cause it did/didn’t happen.  Or that whomever is making this thing happen is ruining your life by doing it.

You know, things like:

Complaining that your regular restaurant doesn’t have any tables or is out of that dish you really wanted.

Complaining about your job because you have to work late or on a weekend.

Not having enough room on your work computer’s desktop.. so asking IT for a bigger or second monitor.

Not being able to get the treadmill by the window.

Wishing you had a garden or balcony when it’s nice out, instead of having to walk down the street to the park.

Wishing you could go back to being flaky and irresponsible when you’ve got too many things on your plate.

They changed the layout of Facebook again.

Complaining you can’t get laid/dates when you’ve got a loving partner at home.

first-world-problemNote: I’m not putting these here to call anyone out, just to use as examples.. and some are my own, or made up/reworded for this posting.

You get the idea.

None of us truly need reminding that there are people out there less fortunate than ourselves.  People whose biggest worry each day is whether they’ll have food or water to survive, let alone a roof over their heads.

Of course being in the situation I am financially, I look at some of these statuses and can’t help being slightly jealous – these people can afford to live the lives they want, how they want.  Not to mention that they’re out there enjoying life, and I’m sitting at home bored out of my mind most of the time cause I can’t justify spending money by going out.

And no, that’s not me moaning about my situation, just stating a fact.  Several months ago I had to stop any kind of addition expenses, money for poorthings I enjoyed but ultimately didn’t really need to live my life.

But it’s made me realise how much we all spend on stuff we truly don’t need, or sometimes even actually want.. We do it because it’s part of society and others around us are doing it (or so we tell ourselves..).  Call it peer pressure if you will..

Ok.. I admit it.  I wish these were things I could complain about.. Because if these are the worst problems I had to complain about, then my life must not be so damn bad.

I’m sure I’ll get back there.. one of these days. 😉

To put things in perspective, check out part of Louis C.K.‘s 2011 comedy special, ‘Hilarious’, where he talks about how amazing things like mobiles and flying truly are.

Enjoy 😉


5 thoughts on “First World Problems

  1. Another great article. Maybe you could make a bit of extra cash by offering your articles to magazines? They’re always a good read.

    When I was unemployed I too enjoyed the new perspective. Over time you begin to see how everyone is wrapped up in spending, how everyone’s daily lives seems to revolve around spending money, and how much emphasis we place on material things. This blog helps remind me how lucky I am:
    The writer’s latest post really brings home how easy our lives our compared to the daily struggle of a Mozambique fisherman.

    Keep it up!

    • Ahh, thanks for the compliment! I’ve actually been looking into how one goes about to submit articles to magazines and such. I know it’s not an easy thing to get into, but you just never know.

      • Great, go for it! It’s just about selling it, giving them the gist, the angle, according to a weekend course I went on! I haven’t done it before but I might some day…

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