That’s ‘So Gay’


that-s-so-gay-lgbt-32624188-485-750 We’ve all heard people around us use the word ‘gay‘ as a way to say something is stupid or bad.  I don’t know about all of you, but I’m tired of it.. and sometimes it makes me angry to hear.

There’s been many times when past coworkers have said ‘that’s so gay‘ about something right in front of me.  What I always think is somewhat amusing – bordering on condescending – is how quickly they’ll say something like ‘no offense‘ to me as if that makes them equating something stupid or silly to being ‘gay’ ok and perfectly acceptable, or forgivable..


What if it was a word that described you?

And it’s not.  It never is.

Whenever someone uses the term ‘gay’ to describe something, someone’s actions or something about someone, it’s derogatory even if the speaker may not intend it that way.  Regardless of who is hearing that phrase, of who’s around you at the time, or even who you’re saying it to.  You just never know who may get offended by hearing it.

For some people, that may come across as being a bit too PC about the whole thing since it’s only a ‘word’, but remember this one thing –

Inspire ChangeWords hurt

Imagine you’re a young closeted child who’s confused about their feelings and sexuality.. And all around you, people – family, friends, random strangers, maybe even teachers (and if they are, they should be fired!) – are using the word ‘gay’ to equate to something that is ‘less than’ everything else, that is ‘worth less’ than anything else.  Just imagine how that would make you feel about yourself..

What would you do?  How would you react as a 12 or 13 year old kid who’s not sure why they feel different than their peers?


Use a dictionary already..

It probably wouldn’t be much of a jump for that same kid to go from feeling like they have no place in the world .. to possibly considering or actually attempt suicide.  And we’ve all seen in the news how much more often that seems to be happening..

..Or maybe it’s always been happening, and we just didn’t open our eyes to it before.

To me, using a derogatory word like ‘gay‘ to describe something is just another form of bullying, and we really shouldn’t be standing by and letting it continue happening.

The English language has such a variety of words that actually describe what you want to say… how about you use the right one?

This quite funny video of Ash Beckham addressing the Ignite Boulder 20 assembly has definitely been making the rounds on the social media sites and the blog-o-sphere, and gives food for thought around using ‘gay’ derogatorily.


4 thoughts on “That’s ‘So Gay’

  1. ivansblogworld

    As always good. It’s a very powerful word gay, so is love, hate, in fact many words are. I agree with you on this enough, it’s never a joke what is gay anyway, some limp wrested camp boy, well maybe it’s also means me or you. People can be so cruel. I will be doing a blog about what defines us. Ivan

  2. ivansblogworld

    I must read what I type, I should have said linked. My one nephew btw using the phrase ” it’s so gay” or that’s was “so gay” and he posts it on Facebook. I cannot control his actions, but the peer pressure to use words etc is out there. I hope that one day he realizes that he is hurting people, but he wants to fit in with his friends well he thinks they are his friends anyway. We cannot allow ourselves to do the same, but again it’s not acceptable. I honestly have so much compassion for the children of today, it’s become a very cruel world. And if you don’t fit in you become a target, it’s barbaric and we think we have advanced from the Middle Ages etc.

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