Marvel’s Newest Gay Character – Wolverine?


wolverine-hercules-kissWell my my my… Look at Marvel go, bringing another character out of the closet.

Only this time it’s one of their big-guns – Wolverine.  Except it isn’t really.. sort of.

Wolverine Is Now A Gay. A Hot, Hot Gay. | NewNowNext.

It’s still Wolverine, but it’s not the main universe’s Wolverine.

Confused?  LOL

Ok, so there’s this alternate reality/universe within the Marvel Universe, and the Wolverine from that reality is gay.. and hot to trot for pansexual demi-god Hercules.  Oh, and they’re into leather apparently.  Hahaha 😉

I read some comments regarding this, and many were complaining that it’s just some ‘other’ Wolverine, and that it was a cop-out on Marvel’s part.

I completely disagree actually.  If anything, it’s actually quite logical.  It would be impossible and completely unrealistic to change the sexuality of the current/main universe’s Wolverine as that would destroy the character’s continuity and back-story.

Love at first.. punch?

Love at first.. punch?

Also, an alternate reality version of the same character could be gay.. alternate realities aren’t an exact duplication of our own, so it makes sense there might be subtle changes to a character’s make-up in that other world.

Some out there even may say that Marvel (and DC) are just doing this to gain more readers and make more money, especially after the realitive successes of Marvel’s Northstar getting married (Click HERE for previous post) and DC’s Green Lantern from Earth-2 coming out (Click HERE for previous post).

Well.. duh!  But that’s obviously not the only reason for repeating similar things with other characters.

The way I see it, it’s more than just a business decision to gain some new readers.. it’s also a way to be more inclusive of the world around us.  I personally remember as a young boy reading the comics and not really connecting with the heterosexuality of their universes, despite enjoying the comics themselves.

Though I didn’t understand it at the time, I used to drool and admire how the male superheroes were drawn.. Hell, I still do sometimes. LOL

Now if only we could get Hugh Jackman to portray this Wolverine in the movies. 😉


8 thoughts on “Marvel’s Newest Gay Character – Wolverine?

  1. ivansblogworld

    Okay now I have seen it all. It does look a tad S&M to me.. But then that’s me very straight normal boring gay man……

    • LOL I actually saw in one pic of the comic where Hercules actually says to Wolverine that he ‘looks good in leather’. It’s not my thing either, but it’s all good fun 😀

  2. The thing about alternative universes and characters with Marvel and DC is that there are like a million of them. DC has five separate Batman stories going on right now and one about Batgirl and Batwing. Marvel has a few different X-Men stories going at any one time, so the “real” X-Men is which ever one you choose to read. Considering the homoerotic subtexts throughout the history of comic books, it’s nice to see Marvel finally explicitly going after gay audiences.

    • Yeah it really is hard to keep track of them all.. though haven’t faithfully read them in years, just dip my toe in here and there lol

      But I agree, the books have always had a homoerotic feel to them.. about time they upped their game a bit 😉

      And thanks for recommending ‘The Outs’ on your site.. am watching it now and quite enjoy it.

  3. Fausto Fouges

    Well… Many married “straight” men get gay lovers after a certain age. Anyone could go gay in a free universe where it’s seen as normal. Even more if he is 200+ y/o so, it would not surprise me even being the same Wolverine everyone knows…

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