My Ongoing Job Search Saga


I still can’t believe I’ve been out of work for just over 6 months now.. 6 months!?!  I have no clue where the time has gone so quickly, despite feeling like I’ve been doing nothing on a daily basis on top of my job hunting.

ready for workWhich seems to be getting me nowhere at the moment.

I’ve repeatedly revised my CV, written a ton of cover letters, had call after call from recruitment agencies, and even had a session with a career consultant at the Job Centre.. but still nothing.  No job.

Well, not completely nothing.. I’ve had a couple of interviews but it’s averaging out to less than one interview a month.  I don’t think those are good odds.  I’d have hoped I would have been on more interviews by now..

Of course, the best was this morning.  There I was, all suited and booted, on my way to my next interview.. when the agency called to cancel the interview, less than 5 minutes before I was due to jump on the train.

Nope.  Nothing planned at all today.

Nope. Nothing planned at all today.

And why did they cancel it?  Because they forgot to put me in their diaries, so thinking they had an interview-free day, one of the interviewers took a sick day.

*Face palm*

How the hell that happened is beyond me.  But it definitely doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence in the company (or the recruitment agency), regardless of how well they did on last year’s Sunday Times Top 100 Companies to work for list.

I’m still waiting for them to reschedule the interview… I’m not holding my breathe.

Now before anyone starts in on the cliched ‘It’ll get better’ or ‘Something will come along anytime now’ or any other sayings to supposedly cheer diddly squatme up..  Please.  Just don’t.

I appreciate, I truly do, but there’s only so many times I can hear them over and over.. and over and over again.  I do love the support however those sayings don’t make me feel any better, which is what I think you’re trying to do.

I’m doing my best to try and stay focused and positive about finding a job (at this point, almost any job), but it isn’t easy.  People don’t tend to talk about how it actually feels when you’ve been long-term unemployed.

Depressing.  Lonely.  Rapidly reduced self-confidence.  Lazy.  Monotonous.  Unmotivated.

carrying on with life

Must. Carry. On.

And so on.. Surprisingly it can be very difficult to maintain focus on finding a job when that seems to be the only thing going on in your life at the moment.  Your mind wanders (or maybe that’s just me..) onto other things you’d rather be doing than sitting in front of the laptop all day long, looking at ad after ad.

Let’s not even talk about how fast the time flies when you’re playing ‘Bejeweled’ on Facebook.  lol

I won’t even go into how sick I am of seeing the looks on (some) people’s faces when we talk about it all.  Partly sympathetic, partly pitying, partly condescending, partly thankful it’s not them going through it.  Or maybe I’m just imagining that…

*Sigh*  Is it bad that I wish I could just take a holiday from all this dreary-ness?  Go lounge on a beach somewhere warm and sunny, and just RELAX?

Ahhh.. if only. 😦

11 thoughts on “My Ongoing Job Search Saga

  1. I’m going through something very similar – 5 months unemployed, and I’ve only gotten one interview. I got the rejection email today. You can’t let those rejections define you. You are more than your (lack of) job.

  2. Laura :)

    I know exactly how you feel! I’m on my 3rd YEAR now of being unemployed. I hate it. Also. The feedback I keep getting from interviews is crap. I also play a lot of facebook games lol.

    • 3 years?? Didn’t realise you’d been out of work that No wonder you play so many Facebook games 😉

      I’m not finding my interview feedback is crap, cause it’s similar to how I’m feeling after I leave the interview.. it’s more that I’m having trouble improving upon it.

      Even asked my Job Centre agent about a training course, but they didn’t have anything that was just specifically about competency-based interviews.. so will see.

  3. I know how you feel,one thing I have learn’t over time is,Don’t bother with recruitment agencies,(unless they are willing to forward your details on WITHOUT spending the day with them),a lot of them lie about what jobs they have got available just to get you to sign up, Don’t change your CV too much,I did this several times and it got the point that it looked confusing and less desirable to recruiters,do sign up to half a dozen websites and click date refresh each day so your CV lands the other end in the top 100,I know recruiters who work through so many and then junk the rest,I would also ask a lot of questions about the role on the phone,you can waste a lot of money and time on trains to find out the role is not what you thought it would be,good luck 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 Yeah a recruiter told me once to always update the cv online every week or two to keep it near the top as well, even if nothing has changed.. just re-upload it.

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