Hidden Camera Homophobia


This is a surprisingly touching video clip from a hidden camera show, looking to gauge bystander’s reactions to public displays of homophobia and whether people would stand up for the gay family.

This particular clip takes place in Texas, which is stereotypically a more homophobic region of the US.. but this clip shows us that just isn’t true.

You may want to grab a kleenex .. or maybe even a whole box.

“Silence is the failing of humanity”

Enjoy… and feel free to share.

9 thoughts on “Hidden Camera Homophobia

  1. Laura :)

    The note! That was the sweetest thing EVER! (Also, is he single? haha) I definitely had to grab a tissue! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  2. ivansblogworld

    Thank you for this amazing posting. After the crappy week I have had this gives me hope. Can I repost this blog? That note was so personal and showed his true believe that we must not judge others.

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