Oscar Countdown – Supporting Actor & Actress


For anyone who knows me, they know I love movies.. I always have.

genericMy love of movies intensified back when I worked my way through college at a local video store.  And I’ve especially loved the award shows.

When I lived in Montreal, my flatmate (and former boss) SS and I used to make an event out of every award show – Grammy’s, People Choice Awards, and so on – with the Oscars (http://oscar.go.com/nominees) being the ultimate show.  We’d arrange take outs and munchies, and stay glued to the screen for the entire program, regardless of what time we had to get up the next morning.

Ahhh.. I miss that living in London.  The only way to watch the Oscars live here is if you have a certain premium channel.. and can stay up all night due to the time difference.  I’ve also heard of a couple pubs who show the ceremony, but have never been.

Instead I usually wait until the next morning to see who’s won what, how that year’s host did, and of course , who was wearing what.  It’s not the same, but it works I suppose. lol

So I figure it wouldn’t hurt to give my predictions on who will win – and who should win – in the main categories.

Today, let’s start with Actor and Actress in a Supporting Role.

Actor in a Supporting Role

    • Alan Arkin in ‘Argo’
    • Robert De Niro in ‘Silver Linings Playbook’
    • Phillip Seymour Hoffman in ‘The Master’
    • Tommy Lee Jones in ‘Lincoln’
    • Christopher Waltz in ‘Django Unchained’

Who will win: Christoper Waltz

DJANGO UNCHAINEDGoing on the buzz and recent wins from other award shows, I think the front-runner is Christoph Waltz.  I’ve yet to see ‘Django Unchained‘ as I’m not a big fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, or recent Quentin Tarantino films.. but have heard a lot of good stuff about Waltz’s performance and the movie itself.

Who should win: Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro – Silver Linings PlaybookWell, personally I’d like Robert De Niro to win this one.  I found, for once, he wasn’t just mugging to the camera, playing the same old character again like he seems to have since ‘Meet the Parents’.  In ‘Silver Lining Playbook‘, I found he was much more expansive in his interpretation and really seemed to get to the heart of the character, who technically had the same issues as his son, but masked it in a different way.

The upset win: Anyone

To be honest, all 5 nominees are previous winners with strong performances this year, and any one of them could steal the prize.

Actress in a Supporting Role

    • Amy Adams in ‘The Master’
    • Sally Field in ‘Lincoln’
    • Anne Hathaway in ‘Les Miserables’
    • Helen Hunt in ‘The Sessions’
    • Jacki Weaver in ‘Silver Lining Playbook’

Who will win: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway - Les MiserablesThe easy front runner, and the one picking up all the statues lately, is Anne Hathaway in ‘Les Miserables‘.  She definitely gave an amazing heart-wrenching performance, but to me this just seems too obvious.  I’m a fan of her work, but I think this is more about being the popular choice than anything.

Who should win: Jacki Weaver

Jacki Weaver – Silver Linings PlaybookAgain I have to turn to ‘Silver Lining Playbook‘.  Jacki Weaver‘s performance seems to get overlooked compared to the rest of the more well-known stars.  I found her much more engaging than Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence combined (though both were fantastic in this film).  She came across as a long-suffering wife and mother, but how she was dealing with her son and husband’s eccentricities was kept boiling just under the surface.

The upset win:  Anyone

I think it’s unlikely any of the other nominees will snatch the prize from Hathaway.  If there an upset, I think the golden statue would be more likely to go to Academy favorites Sally Field or Helen Hunt (though I don’t really get the appeal of her..).  Who knows, maybe Amy Adams will come out of nowhere and take it away.

To be honest, so far there doesn’t seem to be much competition but instead clear front-runners.  Maybe there’ll be tons of upsets on the night itself.

Let me know what you think and who you’re predicting to win these awards.

Tomorrow – Leading Actor and Actress

4 thoughts on “Oscar Countdown – Supporting Actor & Actress

  1. I think Tommy Lee Jones is a more likely winner but I personally prefer Waltz. Both he and DiCaprio were excellent in Django Unchained. De Niro’s performance was a return to form. Arkin had some funny lines. John Goodman is the major omission this year, providing able support in Argo, an excellent vocal contribution to ParaNorman and stealing every scene he was in in Flight.

    Hathaway is unbeatable. The reason her performance shines so well is it’s one of the few instances director Cooper held the camera still, during her rendition of a certain song.

    For me, Hunt’s was the most honest, natural and moving performance. Trouble is parts of her role were overwritten and unnecessary. She would have been more effective with less lines, particularly the scenes in which she records on tape.

    The big surprise would be a Weaver win, purely because it’s the least substantial role. Her nomination surprised me, not that she doesn’t deserve it.

    • Definitely agree with you about John Goodman. He’s been under-rated for far too long, and it be good to see him get some credit for some of the amazing dramatic work he does.

      • So I live in Ireland. Our state broadcaster only shows highlights of the show on Monday or Tuesday. I don’t have a tv, so I shall go to my sister’s to see the ceremony live in Sky, the premium channel you mentioned. This will be first year I sit through whole ceremony live since Crash beat Brokeback Mountain. I genuinely thought Jack Nicholson was joking when he announced the winner. I know Argo is the favourite now, buy I don’t think Lincoln can be counted out. I’m also not sure that Amour can either. I know it’s small, but everyone who has seen it rates it so highly; same with Beasts. So there is actually a competitor this year rather than a routine crowning. Looking forward to it. Also look forward to reading your thoughts on other categories.

  2. ivansblogworld

    Me bad we have not seen all of these movies yet, however saying that we seldom go to movies. We watch from home. Sally Field, she is just brilliant and I am biased towards her. Robert De Niro his is legendary and so was his performance. However I hope Argo gets at least one award. So what are you wearing for the red carpet….. Sorry cold not resist.

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