Food for Thought for Straight Guys


Different Point of ViewA friend of mine posted this on his Facebook wall today, and I felt it was worth sharing again.. and again.

Click the pic to read it ———->>

I’m unsure of the original owner of this message/pic, but I thank them for sharing it for all to read.  It seems to be accredited to Andrew Sullivan (, however I’ve been unable to find it on his website.

All too often you hear some straight guys going on about how ‘disgusting’ it was to be hit on by a gay guy or that they were afraid they were going to be forced into some sexual act.  Of course, they may be exaggerating it a bit, but hard to know unless you were there…

This message really puts it in perspective for those same guys who think it’s fine for them to act the same way towards women, and hopefully it will get them to rethink how they treat women.

Thankfully, not all straight guys act or think this way.

I’ve had many straight guy friends over the years who actually get an ego boost when a gay guy hits on them, and they take it for what it’s meant to be – a compliment.

They don’t freak out, or even physically lash out at the guy hitting on them.  They just smile and say ‘thank you’.

And let’s be honest, most gay men have no interest in ‘forcing’ any guy to have sex with them.  What would be the point really since we’re all ‘supposedly’ able to find sex whenever and wherever we want it?  LOL

If only that were true sometimes.. 😉

10 thoughts on “Food for Thought for Straight Guys

  1. ivansblogworld

    Your last line is very profound. There will always be a reference to sex=gay,or gay = lots of sex and not always in a good way. Excellent article, and I did google Andrew Sullivam, he does not shy away from the real issues. What he says about homophobia explains it so well and in a simply way. Lastly on our team ( the pink boys club) we do have some very talented, good looking MEN. The persecution that we always looking for players from the other side, not a true reflection. However nothing better than having a good male friend who is straight, comfortable with his own sexuality and those around him…

    • It’s one of the (many) stereotypes about gay men that they’re always getting laid whenever they want.. Sure, there definitely seems to be more options when it comes to looking for instant companionship than there might be in the straight world (hmm.. think there’s a future post there somewhere..), but it’s only a fraction of the community who spend all their time online cruising for whatever comes their way.

      And to be honest, I miss having a good straight friend to hang out with, laugh at life with and so forth.. it helps give a different perspective on things.

    • Thanks.. to be honest, I don’t think it’s talked about enough in a way to get through to people. Regardless of your gender/sexuality, it is never ok to sexually harass anyone of either sex. For instance, I’ve read several articles lately that indicate that male sexual harassment and rape (from both men and women) is vastly under-reported due to the stigma that surrounds it and the blow to the guy’s masculinity/ego.

  2. aguywithoutboxers

    Excellent post that not only offers a different perspective for the heterosexual male but for us same gender loving ones as well. Thank you for posting this.

  3. ivansblogworld

    Thanks for the reply. I think in the straight world, we are not aware of the hook ups that happen. Bottom line, men love sex and its cannot just be that we the pink team, have all these hook up sites. It’s the straight iron curtain. I have observed many of my colleagues at work and both men and women, have some wild times, not all of them just a few. Maybe it’s very closeted and we don’t get exposes to this, media and self promotions of the gay “sites” is very more open and know. Each person is different so what ever you do is your business.

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