My Name is X (Part 4)


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The night we first met was funnily enough at a gallery opening not far from the one we’d gone to tonight.  That artist apparently had a fascination with the penis, so every piece of work was very phallic to say the least.  We swear a couple of the photographs were of his own cock.

I’d agreed to meet Mags there that night but couldn’t find her once I’d arrived so I got myself a watered-down cocktail from the overly priced bar and kept an eye out for her while I took a look around.

Just as I was turning away from a suspicious looking sculpture, some muscle-bound twat bumped into me and spilled his drink down my shirt.

“Watch where you’re going, will ya?” he growled at me as he moved off as if he’d done nothing wrong.  As tempted as I was to go screaming after him, instead I headed to the loo to try and dry my shirt off.  Luckily it was only white wine he’d spilled on me so it wouldn’t stain.

Cute-Low-Bodyfat-Tanned-Blond-Male-ModelOf course I did a lot of cursing and swearing in the mirror thinking about that pretentious asshole.

And just my luck, when I finally met up with Mags, that ‘asshole’ turned out to be her bestie Daren.

It’s always the way, huh?

To be honest, I can’t remember exactly when my perception of him changed and we started to hang out without Mags from time to time.  Sometimes you just want to go out with the boys without your best girlfriend tagging along.  And some of the bars we’d go to didn’t allow women in anyway.

When we first hooked up I thought for sure it was just going to be a one-time thing, as we were completely shitfaced at the time and we’re complete polar opposites.  He’s tall, blonde, muscular, very gregarious, and looks like he should be in an Italian underwear advert. Think David Beckham with a thicker chest and without the tattoos.  I’m just an average Joe with a bit of a belly, introverted, balding (I shave it so I don’t look like a monk), and average looking if you ask me.

But somehow it worked for a while.

We kept it from Mags for a bit, as we never wanted to get her hopes up.  When she first introduced us, she’d joked that we should name our first child after her, though she knew we both had different types in guys.

I think she was more shocked when we started dating than either of us were.

We did our best to not put her in the middle of any issues we had while we were together since she was friends with both of us.  The last thing either of us did was go to her with any problems we had with the other, that way she didn’t have to take any sides.

Though to be honest, there weren’t many issues between us.  It was more like having your best friend at home with you at the end of the day. beary breakfastQuite comfortable, but no real passion if you know what I mean.  Though the sex was a lot of fun.

Well, that’s all in the past now.  We’ve both moved on with our lives since then (was about 4 or 5 years ago), and we’ve both dated other people since.

The one thing that has never really changed through all of it was how close the three of us are.  When Daren and I ‘broke up’, it was like nothing had changed from before.  The three of us were like the musketeers and joined at the hip as usual.

Some people may find that odd, but it worked for us.  We don’t pretend it never happened, because that would imply it was a bad thing and it wasn’t.

3 thoughts on “My Name is X (Part 4)

  1. ivansblogworld

    You mention that you are average Joe. Looks can be deceiving its all in the eye of the beholder. Looks are not the a reflection of a person, it’s great to have eye candy, but after awhile you need more than sugar. Looks are a bonus, however never sell yourself short. Saying that you must not sell yourself short, you are short legged like me, he he….!!!!!! Have a great day.evening. Ivan

    • Lol thanks Ivan. True, the main character is somewhat based on myself.. but it’s not actually me. Just a fictional story I’ve been working on, these events never actually happened. 🙂

      • ivansblogworld

        And my comments are just based on how I see it…. You have a gift of being able to interpret your thoughts so well in yo the written world.

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