Fashion and the Fat Man


I don’t know about some of you, but I’m finding it harder and harder these days to find clothes that fit my body-shape and still look nice as well.  Everywhere I look these days, all the shops seem to only be selling clothes marketed at the ‘skinny’ man.

Skinny jeans.  Skinny-fit suits.  Skinny-tailored dress shirts.

It’s like the ‘fashion’ world has decided the only acceptable shape a man should be is a ‘carrot’.  That we should all look like lanky, prepubescent teenagers.

Or maybe this is just something that’s occurring in London/UK.  The whole skinny jean look is very East London gay-chic, and seems to be gaining in popularity.  Unfortunately.

Now I admit, I’m no fashionista in any sense of the word, but I know what looks right and feels right for me.  Though it isn’t easy, since I’m probably shaped more like a pear. 😉

A few weeks back I went shopping for a new suit so I’d look presentable for any upcoming interviews. As I’ve written before (Click HERE for past post), I’ve been out of work for months now and really need a job so decided I’d do my best to look the part at least.fat-man

Previously for interviews, I’d wear whatever smart trousers I had with a suit jacket I’d bought at Primark when I first moved to London almost 5 years ago (it was cheap and I’d never owned a suit before).  Problem is, the jacket doesn’t fit at all – the sleeves are too long and it won’t button up because of my belly.  And that store only stocks up to a certain size, but it was the closest fit I could find at the time.

Which I realised was true of most high-street retailers when it comes to things like a suit.  Some had some nice deals on cheap suits (£49 to £79 at BHS and M&S), but they weren’t quite big enough.  And the ones that did stock something my size wanted to charge upwards of £250 for one suit.. something I definitely can’t afford.

And oh boy, did I ever get attitude and the cold shoulder from that shop once I said I was looking for something under £100.  LOL

In the end, I did find something at a discount suit shop towards Tottenham Court Road.. once they added in the tailoring costs, it was just over £100 (though now I think the trousers are too short lol).

More than anything lately, I’m finding it increasingly expensive to find clothes to fit for whatever the purpose.

I used to like the clothes in Burton’s as they had a clean style to them and weren’t too expensive.  But now I’m finding they’re all about a certain look, and you’re lucky if you can find a pair of jeans above a 38 inch waist, or a t-shirt with a silly design on it bigger than a large (and even then, they seem to be cut like a medium..).  Their online store ( has some bigger sizes, but it’s hit and miss for anything decent.

Their line of suits only go so large, and even then they’re pretty much all skinny-cut.

jacamoInstead I’ve had to resort to shopping online for clothes with Jacamo (, who specialise in larger sizes.. but with that you really have to make sure you’ve selected the right size since you can’t exactly go into a shop to try things on (they only have stores in Liverpool, Leicester, and Gateshead).

But even with them, although they have a larger waist-size selection, they don’t always have them in the shorter leg-length I need or in a style I like.  Or even at a price I can afford.

I think we all deserve to look and dress how we want to, and to feel comfortable in what we wear.

2 thoughts on “Fashion and the Fat Man

  1. ivansblogworld

    Someone else is short legged, I battle to find a pair of jeans, trousers that are my length. I am not a brand boy anymore, give me comfort. Ivan

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