From London to Luxembourg


I know… I tend to write about my love life (or lack thereof) on here a lot.  It’s a topic I think about quite often, so it’s only natural I blog about it, right?  Right?!? 😉

Or maybe I’m just a bit obsessed about it all, since I don’t have much of one.  Who knows.. but this story is a bit different.

Well, maybe not that different.  I am still single after all.  *sigh*  But at least I got a new friend out of it all.

Awhile back I started chatting to this cute guy from Luxembourg, who’d initially messaged me ages ago when he was in London for a visit.

Me & Margaret Cho

Me & Margaret Cho

Initially, we’d chatted a few times, but that was it… Until late last summer when he got back in contact to say he was coming to London for another visit around Halloween.

Before we knew it, we were chatting very regularly up until he came to London with a German friend of his, and we were both going to be at the same Margaret Cho comedy show in Leicester Square (but each went to different pubs with friends after..).  Long story short, we met up for drinks and coffee while he was in town (his friend was with him both times, which was fine) and we seemed to really get along…

Yes, there was some kissing involved. 🙂

After that, we were chatting to each other pretty much daily through Facebook about this, that and everything in between.  It was to the point where neither of us would go to bed without wishing the other a good night and ‘big hugs and kisses’.

018It was quite sweet, and if I wasn’t enjoying it so much, I might have puked. Hahaha

So of course a visit had to be arranged so we could spend some time together and see how we got along.. without a chaperone of course. 😉

And since I’d never been to Luxembourg (well, had never even thought of going there before to be honest..), we arranged for me to fly there for a long weekend in November, and we had a lovely time together.  In fact, we barely left his flat the entire weekend, other than one afternoon where we walked around Luxembourg City for a bit.. and went for the BEST hot chocolate ever!  (If you ever head to Luxembourg, make sure you go to the Chocolate House.. it’s amazing!)

So with that weekend a lovely success and us thoroughly enjoying each others company (in and out of the bedroom), we kept chatting and getting to know each other.  And talked about spending New Year’s together, possibly in London.

And tried not to get ahead of ourselves by thinking/chatting about a possible future.053

My Luxembourg friend unfortunately couldn’t get adequate time off to come to London for New Year’s, so off I went again to visit him, this time spending about 6 days there.  There were a couple days where he couldn’t get the day off completely or at all, so I used those days to do some job-hunting and whatnot since I’d taken my laptop with me.

Once again we had a lovely time, but this time was different.  We’d gone into this visit thinking we’d each gauge how we really got on for potentially something more than just a visit here and there… but in the end, we both came to same conclusion – that there wasn’t much of a spark between us, even though we were very comfortable around each other.

There was just no passion… Sure, we still had some fun in the bedroom, and it was still quite fun, but there was no emotional connection towards anything romantic unfortunately.

It’s too bad because he’s a lovely guy and a sweetheart.  True, we were both a bit disappointed, but at least we’ve both got a new friend out of it.

3 thoughts on “From London to Luxembourg

  1. ivansblogworld

    Enjoy reading this. Very adult decision BTW. Hopefully when you least expect it, you will find that person, who is your “person”. Ivan

  2. ivansblogworld

    Maybe you waiting at the wrong station, love is a four letter word don’t quiet understand but it’s a great journey. Don’t give up. It’s like waiting for the phone to ring, as soon as you walk away and don’t anticipate that call it will ring.. Ivan😝😪😛

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