My Name is X (Part 3)


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The three of us didn’t stay at that gallery opening too long, though we did find it amusing that the ‘artist’ decided to show up wearing just a tumblr_ly027lwvQb1qj8ar7o1_500jock-strap and a leather harness.  It was amusing to watch the shocked reactions as he pranced around the gallery chatting to the patrons.

It takes all types I suppose.

Apparently there really was a new restaurant Mags wanted to go to close to the gallery opening, so off we went to enjoy some interesting combinations of curry and what we think was lamb or something like it.  The food was okay at best, but the ambiance was cosy and we enjoyed a couple bottles of wine and loads of laughs.  As always.

The three of us have been fast friends for ages now, way before Daren and I decided to play house for a couple years.  Mags and Daren grew up together as their families are pretty close, and there were hopes when they were children that they’d grow up and get married.

That obviously wasn’t going to happen.  Mags became his faghag fairly early on, way before he came out to the families, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

Mags and I met back in 2003, close to 10 years ago, through a job I did for the publishing company she works at.  I was brought in to lead a restructure project for their customer services department, and she was the assistant of the department head I had to report into so we had to work quite closely together for the 9 months or so I was working there.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t until about a month before I was finishing up there that we went out for drinks together to celebratecoworker meme the project nearing a close.  Up until then we hadn’t really socialised together or really knew much about each other’s lives.

And she apparently had no clue I was gay, which surprised me.

I’m not one to hide who I am, and I don’t think I come across very masculine, but at the same time I don’t walk into a room with my hands on my hips, calling everything ‘Fabulous’.  I’m gay, but not that gay if you know what I mean.

Anyway, long story short, we became friends and kept in touch once my contract ended.  Which was great considering I’d only moved to London about a month or two before starting that job and I hadn’t made a lot of friends as of yet.  Through Mags I met a whole slew of people I never would have otherwise.

The thing about Mags is she’s such a social butterfly and seems to know everyone.  She’s got one of those personalities that everyone just seems to love, even if she can come across as someone snobbish at first.  It’s just part of who she is, and quite quickly you realise that it’s also just a façade for when she’s out and about.

Her social life is filled with so many events and parties that I’m not sure she’d know what to do if she wasn’t out and about all the time.  She’s definitely someone who lives life to the fullest and enjoys finding new places to go to.  Although she has never been that successful in the Cute-Low-Bodyfat-Tanned-Blond-Male-Modelromance department herself.

And obviously I met Daren through Mags, though we didn’t get along at first.

Thinking back on it, I thought he was completely pretentious and up his own arse when we first met, despite his rugged good looks and perfect smile.  That initial judgement on my part changed over time as I got to know him better.

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