Movie Review: Wreck-it Ralph


Maybe it’s a generational thing (Gen X all the way, baby!) – or maybe I’ve got a slight ‘Peter Pan’ syndrome – but I still quite enjoy animated movies from time to time.

wreck-it ralph posterOk… I still enjoy my cartoons.  It brings me back to the 80’s when I’d plonk myself in front of the TV on a Saturday morning to watch my favorite cartoons.. as well as to lunchtime at my aunt’s house during the week to watch The Flintstones or Spider-Man.

Well, part of what I enjoyed about Disney’s new animated movie ‘Wreck-it Ralph‘ was that feeling of nostalgia, thinking back to the afternoons spent in the arcade downtown.  Watching the movie, I kept watching out for a peek of some classic arcade characters (the scenes with Q-Bert were quite fun).

I think what I’m enjoying more and more these days about some animated movies is how they’re no longer solely marketed towards kids, and many of them have humorous content that adults will enjoy without taking away from any child’s experience.

In fact, back around the holidays I ended up in the cinema to watch ‘Rise of the Guardians’ which was clearly targeted at the kiddy-holiday Wreck-it ralphcrowd.. and there wasn’t a child in the audience.  In fact there were several groups of friends seeing the movie together.. of course, the fact that it was the late show on a Sunday evening in Central London that probably dictated the lack of kids in the cinema.

Anyway, ‘Wreck-it Ralph’ has many redeeming qualities to it.  I especially enjoyed the ‘message’ that regardless of what makes you different, that difference is your strength.  There was also a bit of anti-bullying and anti-discrimination thrown in as well.

Basically it’s all about not judging someone by what they do or how they’re perceived.. but instead to view them for who they truly are inside.  I think the best line regarding this was from the scene in the Villains Anonymous-type meeting: Being a ‘bad guy’ doesn’t make you a ‘bad’ guy.

I thought from the trailer there would be a bit more game-jumping than there was, but now I think they did it just right.  There was no pandering by jumping from game to game, showing classic and famous characters interacting, but instead just enough to ensure the development of the story itself.

genericThis fun film has also been nominated for ‘Best Animated Feature’ for this year’s Academy Awards, against such fare as ‘Brave’, ‘Frankenweenie’, ‘ParaNorman’ and ‘The Pirates! Band of Misfits’.

The only one of these I’ve seen so far has been ‘Brave’, which was very well done and has a similar story/message about being true to yourself, but I personally think ‘Wreck-it Ralph’ was much more enjoyable and relatable for today’s audiences.

And I personally have my fingers crossed it wins.

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