My Name is X (Part 2)


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Don’t worry, it’s not about to get all catty in here.

Daren and I truly are on good terms, even falling into bed again every once in a while when we’re drunk.  We ended things after we both realised 2 men in bedit just wasn’t working.  It was still fun, but it was more friends with benefits than a relationship.  We both agree we’re just better as friends now.

It still doesn’t stop me from thinking he’s still as fuckable as hell, though I didn’t think so when we first met.

“Oh darling, there you are!”  Mags glided over to me dragging Daren behind her.  “We were wondering where you’d gone off to.  Last I saw you were chatting to some little ginger guy over by the still life portraits.”

That was the fucktard who couldn’t understand my name.  “Yeah, he’s a moron,” I told her.  “Why did you even introduce me to him in the first place?”

Being the drama queen we all know she loves to be, Mags pulled her best slightly shocked, but slightly mortified look she gives when she tries to pretend she doesn’t know what you’re talking about.

I’d call it her innocent look if it weren’t for the fact that she’s can lie through her fucking teeth.  And that’s a compliment.

“But darling, didn’t I tell you?” she asked insincerely.  “He’s the prince regent from some remote little island nation off the coast of Africa.  And here I was, trying to hook you up with royalty.”  She actually put her wrist against her forehead like she was going to faint of mortification, and kilt2[1]let out a little moan.

“Oh bitch please.  He’s fucking Scottish, and lives in East Hackney while he tries to find his inner muse and write his first novel.  He thinks he’s going to write the next Harry Potter or some shit like that.”

See.  I do pay attention when people talk shit to me, even if they don’t listen to me.

Mags pulled a pouty face.  “You mean he lied to me?  That bastard!”

Laughing I said, “Yeah right babes.  As if anyone would lie to you.”  I gave her a wink as I gave Daren a hug and kiss hello.  “So gorgeous, how’d Madame get you to agree to come to this atrocity of a showing?  You usually stay far away from these things.”

Daren rolled his eyes and shot Mags a dirty look.  “Basically she lied to me.  She told me she was taking me to some new Indian Fusion restaurant sexy arab-speedothat had the cutest waiters in town.”

I laughed at that.  That was Daren for you, always on the lookout for some cutie to play around with, though that wasn’t his normal type.  “And here I thought I was the one who liked Asian guys.”

He just shrugged.  “Sometimes you want something a bit more exotic.  Besides, I’ve always been curious to see what you see in those guys.”

To be honest, I wasn’t sure myself sometimes.

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