Book Review: ‘Love, Virtually’ by Daniel Glattauer


Over the holidays, my friend in Luxembourg gave me his favorite book ever, ‘Love, Virtually44180_Love_Virtually_MMP.inddby Daniel Glattauer, as well as it’s sequel ‘Every Seventh Wave‘, as a little Christmas present when I went over for New Year’s Eve (really need to get around to writing about those trips..) .

He’d mentioned to me months prior that I should pick them up, though he wasn’t sure how they would translate into English (originally published in German).  I’d forgotten all about them until then, but I did recall reading an excerpt of the first book on Amazon or somewhere.

I think initially I didn’t even consider looking at the books since I normally read more fantasy or horror novels.. but once I got them, I decided to give them a shot.

And I couldn’t put either of them down!

Here’s the description of the first book (I won’t post the description to the second book, as it’ll give away the ending of the first one..):

While trying to cancel her magazine subscription, Emmi emails Leo by mistake.  A few brief exchanges are all it takes to spark a mutual interest, and soon they are sharing their innermost secrets, desires and passions.  It seems only a matter of time before will meet in person. But they keep putting off the moment – and after all, Emmi is happily married…

So basically, a standard love story where one is in a committed relationship.

But the way these books have been written are absolutely enthralling – it’s entirely through the email conversations between these two people.  No descriptions of the scenery, no inner monologues.

every seventh waveAnd I found, that the further I got into the story, the more I wanted to find out how it ended.  In fact the night I started the first book, I read about three quarters of it before I finally put it down and went to bed.

Both books are written in an easy to read style, and since it’s comprised entirely of emails, there’s not a lot on each page which makes it easy to fly through them.  You’re basically just reading their conversation with each other.

In fact, the way these were written has given me an idea of sorts for a story of my own that I started working on just after finishing the second book.. I’m hoping to post it on here sometime in the future.

I highly recommend picking up both of these books (can get them fairly cheap on Amazon – see links below).  They’re light and enjoyable, and make you think about how we communicate with one another in this day and age.

Love, Virtually —>  Click Here

Every Seventh Wave —>  Click Here

Happy reading.. And I’d love to hear what you thought of the books.

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