Joys of Unemployment (Not)


So… you’d think after being unemployed for over 5 months now, that perhaps I’d be writing more frequently while I wait for my mobile to ring and that dream job to fall into my lap.

ready for workOk, so I’m not REALLY that delusional, but one can hope, right?  LOL

I initially bogged about being unemployed back in September (Click Here) a few weeks after my last temporary contract ended.  Even then, three weeks in, I was bored being at home everyday.  It’s quite surprising how quickly that can happen.

Anyway, back then I thought it would be a great time to re-jump-start my blog (for about the millionth time lol), and was doing ok for a bit.  I wasn’t posting everyday, but had a few posts in both September and October.. then a couple in December.. then a generic ‘Year in Review’ on New Year’s Eve.  Not exactly what I was hoping.

Obviously, my main focuses over the past 5 months has had to be finding a new job and working on completing my online certification course.  Neither of which has happened despite my best efforts to do so.

I admit, I am online every single day for a vast majority of it (not much else to do when you’re not working,right?), writers block cartoonso you’d think it would be easy as pie to whip up a quick post here and there just to keep things going.  Don’t know if I’d call it actual ‘writer’s block’, or if I just didn’t have anything I wanted to say.. or a bit of both.

But what I’ve found quite surprising (and this may just be the personification of my laziness) is that there are many many days when I don’t want to write, or look for a job, or study.  There are many days where I just want to chill, listen to some music, maybe play a few games online, or whatever tickles my fancy.

And then there are those days when I’m so bored out of my mind that I feel like I’m just passing the day waiting for something interesting to happen.  Like a call about a job, or even finding someone online to chat to.

You’d also think (and I’d have hoped/prayed for this to happen) that perhaps I might have gotten out a bit more since I had more free time on my hands.  But I don’t really… if anything, I sometimes struggle to find something to do other than going to the coffee shop with the laptop for a Man in coffee shop using laptop computerchange of scenery, or going to the movies which gets too expensive.  And I’m not one to go to a pub by myself, especially not those in Soho.

So… is there an answer?  Other than to get off my lazy butt and get off the laptop?  Probably not.. other than starting work again, which I’m hoping to hear back about soon after what I think was a pretty good interview last week.

Fingers crossed.. because this lack of focus is driving me mental. 😉

BTW: There’s obviously been more going on in my life other than just the looking for work thing.. Maybe I’ll write about some of it tomorrow 😀

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