No Means Yes?


I’ve gotten to wonder if it’s even worth the hassle to put anything in the ‘About Me’ section of my online profiles.  Especially those on dating sites, as it just seems nobody even bothers to read them.

For instance, on pretty much most of my profiles I state that I’m not really looking for anything in particular .. and I get messages from guys who want a shag.

The same holds true for the profiles that say I’m not looking for anything casual, but more interested in dates .. but yet the guys still message asking to fuck.

The best though is how I very specifically state I’m not interested in partnered guys, and don’t want to be someone’s bit on the side.  But yet, the messages from guys in open relationships still keep coming.

Does anyone actually read these profiles?  Cause if they do, the message obviously isn’t getting through to them.. or they’re just thinking with their ‘other’ head. 😉

A prime example is a guy messaged me today (and immediately showed his private pics of his cock as he was saying hi…) who said he was partnered and on holiday…

How is that supposed to make things any different for ME?  Regardless if you’re on holiday (with or without your partner), it still doesn’t change the fact that I’m not interested in guys who already have a bf or husband.

I’ve done the whole casual shags thing for years, and I’m tired of it, but nobody seems to understand that.  For me, there’s only so much time you can spend fucking around before you get bored.. and you realise just how alone you really are.

Of course, this is just my own opinion, cause I know many guys out there who are quite happy to just play around with whomever they come across, regardless of their own or the other guy’s relationship status.

I want something more than just a meaningless, empty shag.. but is that even a possibility anymore?

I know there are some partnered guys out there who don’t mess about, and I think that is fantastic.. unfortunately it seems in the gay world, they are the minority.

To me if you’re partnered and supposedly happy in your relationship, why the hell are you out there looking for something more?  Why do guys have to be so greedy when it comes to sex?

I’m not trying to judge those in open relationships at all.  In fact, it’s none of my business what you and your partner do inside or outside the bedroom.

What bothers me is these guys who screw around on their partners (open or not) and seem to think they’re being hard done by when they can’t find a shag..

Umm, what about us single guys who have an even harder time to find dates or whatever because all we’re meeting are partnered guys?  How frustrating do you think it is for us, when you have someone at home wanting to share their life with you and that’s what we’re wishing we had?

*Deep breath* .. ok, rant over for the moment (I think).

One thought on “No Means Yes?

  1. ivansblogworld

    Why do people keep looking, when you in a relationship you still keep looking for that one last fling. When in reality you are in a relationship make the most of it. I like your point about ending up all alone, if you keep searching you will lose touch with yourself and your loved one. I personally don’t agree with open realtionship, but all to there own. Ivan

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