Decisions, Decisions..


So.. a lot has happened in the past month or two, and it’s brought me to a place where I need to make some decisions about my life.

The biggest thing obviously is that I am unemployed.. again.  This year hasn’t been a good one for me work wise, especially after being made redundant from my company back at Easter, and then taking on a temporary contract back in May.

Well that contract ended on August 31st, something I was expecting to happen at the end of September but the company we were working at moved it up a month for their own reasons.  No skin off my nose, as I was happy to get out of there..  it wasn’t exactly the best of work environments.

Anyway, that’s all beside the point.  When I first found out the contract was finishing early, I was upset initially but then it got me thinking that this would be a great time to make some changes in my life.. as well as take a bit of time off.

Well I’m 3 weeks into that time off, and I honestly don’t know what to do with myself on a daily basis.  The first 2 weeks were spent in Brighton and Amsterdam, but this week has been harder than I originally thought.

Sure we all say we’d love to have a life of leisure, sleeping in everyday and basically just bumming around the house.  But I’m actually a bit bored!

When I knew the job was coming to an end, I decided to take an online certification course in Project Management.  This is something I’d thought about back when I was between jobs in the Spring, but couldn’t afford it.

I’ve used a bit of my endless free time working on the course, but it’s going slower than I thought it would.. and it’s been harder than I thought to get back in the mind frame of studying everyday.  It’s been quite a few years since I was in school, and I’ve never done an online course before.

Another thing I immediately decided to do now that I’m not working is look at moving to Brighton.  This is something I’ve talked about fora couple years now, as I’ve found life in London not as fun as I used to.. and Brighton has a much more laid-back pace of life that I could definitely get used to.

Anyway, after an initial viewing of a flatshare that unfortunately wasn’t quite what I was looking for, I’ve been trying to set up viewings for studio and 1 bedroom flats.  It’s quite difficult when you don’t live in the city you’re trying to find a flat in, so I’ve now booked a hotel room for a couple nights beginning of next week so I can see as many flats as I can without having to travel back and forth from London.

The thing is I’m now having second thoughts about moving down there.. what if I can’t find a decent job down there and end up having to commute back and forth to London?  Admittedly a lot of people do it, but wouldn’t that just be a waste of money?  Guess it would all depend on the job in the end..

Speaking of which, I’m starting to wonder if I should be looking for a job now instead of waiting until I’m done the course.  Sure, I can afford to take some time off at the moment, but why waste my savings if I don’t have to?  Though if I find a job now, do I look in London or Brighton?

Maybe I’m just afraid I’m going to made the wrong decision when it comes to all this and end up being in a worse off situation than I am now..

Why do all the big changes in life always seem to happen at once?

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