Olympics Leave British Complaining Even More Than Usual – NYTimes.com


I just read this article in The New York Times regarding how Britons, or more specifically Londoners, are reacting to the Olympics and how it is affecting them… from an American perspective.

Olympics Leave British Complaining Even More Than Usual – NYTimes.com.

And it’s not just about how expensive the tickets are or how most people can’t afford them… though the best quote from the article was “it’s as if someone else is throwing a party in our house, with a huge entry fee, and we’re all locked in the basement.

That kind of sums that up.

As for the transport issues that will occur during the games, a lot of people feel like they’re being told to stay at home and not go anywhere.. as if it was for their own safety.  “We’re being put on a war footing, and it’s not something, after 60 years of peacetime, that the British people are comfortable with,” said one person interviewed in the article.

We keep getting told to ‘get ahead of the Games’,” said a woman interviewed near Victoria station, referring to the city’s program for persuading people to make alternative travel plans. “But it’s still a mystery where we’re supposed to go, especially because nothing moves in London on the best of days.

Welcome to the Olympics, Now Please Go Away.


2 thoughts on “Olympics Leave British Complaining Even More Than Usual – NYTimes.com

  1. It should be noted that this post is in no way complaining about the Olympics and how it will affect the day to day life of those living in London.. nor is it the opposite. Instead it is just showing how an American newpaper has solely spoken to those unhappy about the games.. as you’ll see reading the actual article, not a single positive remark has been made.

    This blogger is pretty ambivalent about the games and how they’ll affect those of us living in London.

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