Joys of Living in Somone Else’s Home


Is it wrong that sometimes I want to smack one of the guys I live with? Sometimes he just pisses me off!

For those that don’t know, I’m living with an older bear couple (we’ll call them D & K) in a lovely warehouse conversion in Vauxhall.

The problem for me is, despite it being such a great flat with lots of light in a perfect location, it doesn’t feel like home.

I’m not sure if it’s from how they treat me, or the situation, or even from something I’ve done myself.

D & K are in their late 50’s, and have rented out their second bedroom to me in their rented flat. They also have a house up in Manchester that they rent out, but are currently in the process of selling it as they’ve been having trouble getting lodgers in.

The thing is, you can totally feel that it’s their flat. They’re not super friendly or inclusive, but at the same time aren’t rude or unfriendly.

I think mostly is that we don’t necessarily click personality-wise that much, though we get along ok .. That and they only see me as their lodger not a flatmate.

In fact, they’ve introduced me to friends of theirs as their lodger and have had dinner parties or friends over and not invited me to join in. If anything it was made to feel I’d be intruding if I went into the kitchen.

OH.. and don’t get me started on the living room, which is basically K’s room. His computer is in there, he sometimes teaches some English classes in there… and cranks up the music and plays along on his guitar in there…

..with no regard to whether anyone else actually wants to hear him play his guitar. I can close my bedroom door, and it’s still loud. And bad.

Plus with the living room basically being his room, I never feel like I can use it when he’s in there or home. If they’re home, he’s in the living room either on the computer or watching the telly.. and that’s usually football or antiques shows, and I can’t stand either.

Yes.. I know I need to move out of here before I flip my lid, or go stir crazy spending all my time at home in my bedroom in front of the computer.

The thing is, this place is about £200 cheaper a month (after bills) for me than when I was sharing with J.. and that was proper sharing, even if there was nothing of mine outside my tiny little bedroom (he had too much stuff, I had nothing..).

J and I got along fairly well as flatmates, and I miss that interaction we had together. I just couldn’t afford to live there anymore as the rent is fairly extortionate for such a tiny bedroom.. and my room now is almost twice the size for less money.

I’ll probably wait until the Autumn to look for something new.. when my rental agreement comes up for renewal, thought I can technically give a month’s notice and move before then.

Rather wait the extra couple of months to save a bit more cash.

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