Celebrating Fathers Around the World


Phew.. it’s definitely been one heck of a week… and this is the first I’ve logged into my blog since last Sunday!  Not good…

It’s not that I’ve been out super late, or even been having much of a life (though have hung out with my friend ‘C’ a couple times this weekend).  I’ve just been working late a few time this past week, so by the time I get home I’m shattered and can’t think of anything to write about.

Yeah I know.. excuses excuses. LOL

But anyway.. today is special, because it’s all about Father’s Day: a celebration honoring Fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society (Wikipedia).  This day is of course to compliment Mother’s Day, and is mostly held on the same date around the world – third Sunday in June.

Just like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day celebrations around the world have been made to fit other local celebrations, religious or otherwise, and occasionally had the date changed.

However the origins of Father’s Day are specifically American, and was initially thought of once Mother’s Day took off.  Unfortunately, this ‘holiday’ took several decades to take hold, and wasn’t until 1966 that ‘President Lyndon B. Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation honoring fathers, designating the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day.[14] Six years later, the day was made a permanent national holiday when President Richard Nixon signed it into law in 1972‘ (Wikipedia).

That’s about 60 years after Mother’s Day was made official.

Anyway, back in Canada, there was never a lot of hype around Father’s Day.. at least not in my family anyway.  Sure, there was the usual Father’s Day sales for traditionally ‘masculine’ stuff, like ties, pipes (really?), golf clubs, power tools (dangerous!), electronics, and so on.

Basically, the usual stuff one’s father probably doesn’t really want, but then again it’s all about the sentiment I suppose.  Or the hyper-masculinity of it all.

Obviously it isn’t easy for me to do something special for my dad on this day with him being back in Canada and me in the UK.  I always try my best to at least give him a call to chat and see how he is, which I now think he enjoys more than getting the cheesy gifts he got when we were kids.

And I admit, I enjoy it too these days as we’d never had the best relationship while I was growing up and didn’t speak for about 7 years after I came out.  I honestly think it was more that he wasn’t sure how to talk or connect to me any more.

Of course that got better over time, especially when I decided to move to London back in 2008 and he helped me so much with everything from applying for passports, to looking for a flight to London, to telling me about what areas to avoid (based on when he lived here back in the 50’s & 60’s.. ).

It helped us to get to know each other better.. and I found when I went home to visit this past Christmas, I ended up spending more time with Dad than almost anyone else.  And surprisingly, he started telling my younger sister and I stories of when he was a young man living in London, getting his first wife’s father to trust him, and about them moving to Canada to join the rest of his family.

Stories he’s never told us before, possibly to not hurt mum’s feelings by talking about his first wife.. or maybe it was because he never thought there was a connection before, but there is now that I live here.

Or maybe he’s just enjoying reminiscing as he gets older.  Who knows.

Whatever the reason, I’m looking forward to the chat today.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. 🙂

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