DC Reveals Green Lantern as New Gay Superhero


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Right… is this really a surprise today?

After a supposed leak a week or so claiming inside sources had revealed that the original Green Lantern (Alan Scott) would be the newly outed superhero in the DC Universe.  He was recently ‘reintroduced’ in the first issue of book ‘Earth-Two’ as a handsome, blonde, young, media mogul.

Admittedly I do think it is an intriguing choice… though don’t know if I think it’s such a big reveal.

Before DC’s recent ‘New 52’ launch, this character was an old man who was already accepting of gay people, as the character’s son Obsidian was openly gay.  According to an article in today’s Huffington Post, ‘Earth-Two’ writer James Robinson wasn’t happy that they were losing Obsidian from the currently continuity, so suggested Scott be re-introduced as gay instead.

DC Entertainment’s co-publisher Dan Didio’s reaction to the suggestion?  “Yeah sure, that sounds great.”

Such a fascinating thought process, huh?  Hahaha

Anyway, Robinson, who has written the character several times previously, has stated the fact that Scott is gay will only be one aspect of the character’s personality.  He’s planning on keeping a lot of the character’s ideals and strengths in tact, including the fact that he’ll be an ‘A’-type personality and the leader of the Justice Society.

One thing I think could have done without was all the publicity over the whole thing.  Fine that they announced they were going to out a character, but did they actually have to reveal it before the issue was released?

I think it would make things more entertaining if readers of ‘Earth-Two’ picked up the next issue without having any foreknowledge of what was going to happen with the character (they’ve already released pics of the pages where Scott gives another man a kiss, presumably his boyfriend). Why spoil it?

There are a bunch of blogs and rant boards all complaining about this ‘news’.  I can see where a lot of them are coming from, especially since Alan Scott hasn’t historically been that ‘iconic’ of a character.

I also kind of agree with points the author on ToplessRobot.com made on this ‘news’:

  • First of all, the way DC spent an entire week teasing its “MAJOR NEW ICONIC GAY CHARACTER” was awful and exploitative and really, really annoying.
  • Second, Alan Scott is not that iconic. In fact, I don’t think any non-comics fans even know who the fuck he is.
  • Third, HE’S NOT EVEN GOING TO BE PART OF THE MAIN DC UNIVERSE. At least Marvel, has Northstar’s wedding taking place in the normal Marvel U.

The author goes on to say:

As much as DC was randomly homosexuallizing a character for attention instead of any real stab at sexual equality, they actually had a chance to make a statement here, and instead I really think this is a massive cop-out — a cop-out made worse by how much DC promoted it like they were doing something at all “iconic.”

I think DC have referred to Alan Scott as ‘iconic’ mostly because the character’s been knocking around the funny pages for 72 years.  No wonder he’d last been drawn as an old man. 😉

However, what all readers and comic-geeks need to realise is: We don’t know what’s going to happen with this character yet.

From articles I’ve read (haven’t read comics in years), apparently on ‘Earth-Two’ Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman were killed in the book’s first issue… they’re going to write other supposedly ‘iconic’ characters to rise up to their level of superhero-dom.. with potentially the Alan Scott Green Lantern stepping into the vacant Superman shoes.

With all this discussion about there being a gay Green Lantern now, it’ll be interesting to hear what people say when they see how DC changed Hawkgirl’s skin color…

Just DC trying to diversify their demographics I guess. 😉

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