Brighton Beach Memories


I absolutely love Brighton.  There’s something about the place that just makes me feel more relaxed and less stressed than when I’m in London.  I’m sure it has something to do with all the sea air and how people there just seem to be more chilled out.

On more than one occasion I’ve considered moving to Brighton. Rentals are about the same as they are in London, but not sure about the job market.  I do know some people move down there and commute to London daily, but I can’t see myself doing that.

My friend ‘P’ and I go down there at least once a year, sometimes for a day, sometimes for an extended weekend.  And each time we never want to leave..  Of course, being only an hour away, I’ve been many more times than P has.

Of course for us, it’s all about the nude beach.  Ok maybe not completely about it, as there’s other parts of Brighton we do love but it does draw us there every year.

The first time we went down was a couple years.  P and I always do something for our mutual birthdays end of June (we’re 2 days apart), so 3 years ago we decided to go to Brighton for a weekend to see what all the fuss was about.  I’d been once before the previous November for a night with a guy I was seeing at the time, and P had never been there even though he used to live in London years ago.

So we booked a room at Legends Brighton, the local gay hotel (I knew of it as that was where that guy and I had stayed), and off we went to enjoy a weekend of the sun and sea.  The good thing about Legends, is not only it a hotel, but it’s also a bar and nightclub.. plus they include a really good full English breakfast in the morning. lol

Anyone who’s ever been to Brighton knows the beach itself isn’t amazing .. It’s all rocks so it’s not always easy to get comfortable… but somehow it is.

For me the comfort comes from the freedom of being out is the sun and not having to worry if anyone is looking at you.  It’s a very freeing experience being on a nude beach.. though wasn’t at first.

When we first went down there, P and I were petrified about going to the nude beach as neither of us had ever been to one before.  So of course we needed a bit of liquid courage into us (stopped at the shop to pick up some beer or something) as we sat just outside the nude area so we could see in.. and then we flipped a coin. 🙂

Of course we ‘lost’ and had to make our way into the nude area, nervous as fuck, smoking a couple cigarettes and downing another can of whatever we were drinking .. and then got our kit off.

P and I are very similar in a lot of ways, one being shy about our bodies and people looking/judging us for them … but once we got naked and relaxed a bit, we realised it wasn’t as big a deal as we thought it would be.  And sure, there was a lot of guys checking each other out (is mainly gay men there, though the crowd is mixed at times) it wasn’t any more intimidating than taking a quick peek at the guy beside you in the locker room.

Of course that’s not to say that other naughtier stuff doesn’t go on there.. I think the most I’ve ever seen was two guys watching each other wank off, but that’s about it.  Or maybe I just haven’t noticed it yet.  😉

Anyway.. so now whenever P comes down from Scotland for a visit, and the weather is nice, off to Brighton we go.  In fact, he’s coming down end of June for our birthdays (as always), and we’ve already booked the hotel and train tickets to head to Brighton for the weekend…

And it just happens to be the Brighton Bear Weekender.  What luck 🙂

I’m sure we’ll have a story or two to share when we get back.  😉

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