Summer Has FINALLY Arrived


That’s right, London is finally getting some decent weather.. especially nice after the gawd-awful April and May we’ve had.  It basically rained daily for 3 or 4 weeks.. it was very depressing to say the least.

Sometimes we don’t always realise it but the weather can definitely have an adverse affect on our moods and happiness levels.

Me personally, I always feel much better when it’s warm and sunny out.  Being out in the sun is a quick mood lifter.  And when it’s all grey and gloomy, I can sometimes get down on myself.

This was especially true over this past April/May while I was off work.  Day after day of rain and gloomy skies, and I was sitting at my computer spending all day looking through job ads… And not getting many responses back.

It can get very demoralizing after awhile… and I definitely found myself sliding down a slippery slope (as I’ve previously talked about HERE) and for the longest time I couldn’t see past all the negative stuff in my life.

It just totally figures that the moment I started back to work (started back with my old company this past Monday), the weather would suddenly get gorgeous.. and I’m stuck in a shirt and a tie in an office.  Bugger.  lol

Interestingly though, not much has changed about my social life, which I think was the main gripe I had at that time (other than the ‘no job’ thing of course).  I still spend way too much time alone, and I still go out alone.

Prime example was last Saturday night.. I went down the street to The Eagle, which is kind of my local it seems (or at least that’s where I’ve been going), and although it was kind of busy I spent the entire night not talking to anyone.

I didn’t have a horrible time.. didn’t have a great time either, though it was an odd night.

The Eagle is known for being more of a men’s bar.. a bit bear, a bit leather, a bit muscular.  Pretty much like any other Eagle around the world (most big cities have one).  Only, this past Saturday night, there were about a dozen twinks there… and after a bit, all the beary, masculine guys seemed to all leave.

Ummm.. anyway.. I’m sure I had a point to all this.  I just can’t remember what it was now. lol

Oh well…. Enjoy the weather, London! 🙂

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