Daily BabyDaddy Fix


It all started as a joke… And now it’s gone on for about 4 or 5 days now.

My mate ‘P’ loooooovvveeeesssss BabyDaddy from Scissor Sisters.  Hell, who doesn’t?  He’s gorgeous!

What’s surprising though is BabyDaddy is totally not P’s normal type.. he’s probably about 20 years too young.  lol  (Sorry P, but it is the truth..)

Anyway, a few days back as a joke, I tagged P in a pic of BabyDaddy (with Jake Shears on the cover of Gay Times) on Facebook saying it was his daily BabyDaddy fix.  He LOVED it!

Of course I specifically picked that pic cause BabyDaddy’s shirt is open and you see his hairy chest.

But now I think I’ve created a monster.. and without realising I’m doing it, I’m looking for a new pic for him every day (in fact, I’ve found tomorrow’s pic for him already hahahaha).  One day he actually messaged on my Facebook wall asking where his BabyDaddy pic was.

It’s all good fun… and trust me, I don’t mind cause I love looking at the man myself. 😉

Of course it could be that there’s tons of BabyDaddy pictures around these days as the Scissor Sisters are promoting their new single and upcoming album ‘Magic Hour’ out May 28th.

We’ll see how long this ‘daily fix’ will go on for.  😉

Probably for awhile, as we’re going to try to get tickets over the next couple days to their London show in October.

Here’s the video for their newest song. ‘Only The Horses’.

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