DC Comics to Reveal a Gay Superhero


So isn’t this interesting…

Apparently DC Comics has plans coming up to ‘out’ one of their major characters in an upcoming story line.

As per the Huffington Post:

The homoerotic subtext of comic book superheroes has been a hot topic in the gay community for some time. Now comics fans and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) blogosphere is abuzz with news that a major DC Comics character will “come out” in a future issue.

According to the article, the character has already been introduced in their ‘New 52’ line of comics originally as  straight and will come out, but they’re not revealing which character or how the story will unfold.

This won’t be their first openly gay character.. Awhile back they introduced ‘Batwoman’ as a lesbian, plus I think I read somewhere they already have one or two bisexual characters but am unsure if they’re male or female.

However this will their first openly gay male character.. and thinking of the testosterone driving comic universes (There’s got to be more than one lol), this could be a bit awkward at first…

But I think will be a very positive message to young gay men who read comics currently thinking ‘I can’t be Batman or Superman, cause they’re obviously straight.’.. or something like that lol  Maybe not that simplistic, but you get the drift..

I know I used to read comics as a kid (who didn’t really?) and maybe an openly gay character I could relate to might have made the coming out process easier in some way… but can never know without going back in time right?

Personally I can’t see it being one of the really BIG super-famous characters, but perhaps someone who was introduced in this ‘New 52’ or someone who became a character (ie: Blue Beetle, the Atom.. where there’s a new incarnation of a character).

Though I did see one blog where they suggested it might be ‘Tim Drake’ who used to be ‘Robin’ but is now ‘Red Robin’.. I can’t keep track of how many ‘Robin’s there have been over the years.  I stopped reading comics awhile back to be honest, though am still a huge fanboy whenever a new movie comes out. LOL

Any thoughts?

You can read the entire article on the Huffington Post

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