Enjoying a Good Rub


Note: The following post describes incidents of a somewhat adult/sexual nature and may contain adult imagery or links to sites that contain such images .. Please read on at your own discretion.

Well.. now that that’s out of the way. LOL

Most of us have been for a massage here or there.. and we’re all aware of the therapeutic benefits of massage.  I occasionally suffer from a bad back and migraines, and my doctor has said I should get regular massages as a way to release tensions and stress.

Well, if he insists!  😉

I admit, getting a massage can be a very erotic and sensual experience, and it is completely natural for a guy to get aroused or have a ‘release’ during it.  It doesn’t always mean anything sexual, it’s just your body’s natural reaction to feeling pleasure.

It’s only been over the past couple years that I’ve really discovered massages.  I used to have a somewhat regular masseur in Marylebone who was very good with his hands .. among other things.  And I’ve also been to some hobby classes in Barnet through Meetup that were all about learning a few techniques in an inclusive, relaxed and supportive naturalist atmosphere .. though it can get frisky after class.

Over the past month or so, I’ve had two different massage experiences (it’s been stressful being unemployed…), and both were good enough massages, but I’d only recommend one of them.

And yes, it is the naughtier service of the two lol

The first one was a month ago with a Spanish guy I’d been chatting to on Bearwww. He seemed to have very reasonable rates (£40 for 90mins) and said he’d been trained in a variety of different massage techniques.

Out of curiosity I asked about a ‘release’ and nudity during the session .. to which he replied he didn’t offer those kind of services, just a regular massage.  In fact, when I went for the massage, he was fully clothed in jeans and a t-shirt.. and seemed a bit uncomfortable that I didn’t drape the towel across my middle.  (I’m too old to be shy about that sort of thing anymore lol)

In the end, it was a good enough massage (despite my back hurting more after I left) though it felt a bit odd and awkward that he purposely avoided touching or going anywhere near my bum or my groin area.  I wasn’t expecting a hand-job or anything, but there are muscles there that need work as well, especially the gluts. 

And when you have a bad back at times like I do, that’s exactly one of the areas that need to be worked on.

The other was through a company called ‘Exotic Touch‘ that has 3 or 4 part-time masseurs that do out-calls onlyin your home or hotel room, regardless of your sexual orientation.  They advertise themselves as a more affordable massage service .. in fact a full-body Swedish or Aromatherapy massage is only £20 for 70 minutes, with the Sensual/Erotic massage services being more expensive (£40 for 70 minutes).

It states clearly on the site that the service is performed while both masseur and client are nude, and they specifically show pictures of a ‘Lingam Massage‘ on each page (it’s spelled incorrectly on their website through…).  When you book a massage with this company by email (info@exotictouch.co.uk), they send you headless torsos of the masseurs you can chose from.. And then you set up a date and time for them to come by.

This was probably the best massage I’ve ever had!!!  I’ve never had anyone get so deep in my muscles before.. or use their elbows and torso as part of the massage.  I was so relaxed and comfortable that I started to doze off a couple of times during the last half hour .. then had a two hour nap once he’d left.

Sure, there was a release during the tantric/lingam portion of the massage .. but I didn’t feel anything sexual at the time.  I wasn’t particularly horny or attracted to my masseur (yes he was naked.. but totally not my type), but was just my body’s natural reaction to being pampered.

Now… I’ve got a special deal for you guys!! 🙂

For anyone who book a massage through ‘Exotic Touch‘ and mentions my name/blog while booking, you will receive a £5 discount off your massage.

(Yes, this means I’ll get a discount off my next massage too .. see, it’s win-win for both of us.  Let me know if you book a session with them… I’d be interested to get another person’s opinion as well.)

Have fun.. you’ll thank me for it later 😉

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