Queen of Disco


For those who aren’t aware, today the music world lost one of the biggest and most amazing divas, the Queen of Disco herself – Donna Summer.

WTF?!?! What do you mean you have no clue who she is?  Have you even heard of disco?

Click HERE.  Or HERE.

(Note:  Neither site are updated with anything regarding her death at this time.. from all the entertainment websites, she apparently passed away from Cancer at the age of 63)

I know.. yet another tribute to some celebrity I’ve never met.  Does it matter?  It’s sad to see someone pass away so young (yes, 63 is young..) who was still out there working hard.

Anyone with a general understanding of music history should know who she is.. and if not, they’d probably recognize her music.  And any self-respecting gay man shoulddefinitely recognise her music, as it’s regularly played in our favorite bars and clubs.

It wasn’t until I was reading her Wikipedia page that I found out she has kept making music all through the decades, and has experimented with a variety of sounds, not just disco or dance music.

Here’s an version of a duet she did with Barbara Streisand back in 1979.  The song went Platinum and went right to number 1.

This song has to be one of her most famous, or at least I think it is.. it’s one of my favorites anyway.

May she rest in peace.. and disco live on forever.


To read some Twitter tributes from people like Janet Jackson, Dolly Parton, and Quincy Jones, please click HERE

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