Spring Cleaning


OK.. so maybe mid-May is a bit late to do some ‘cyber’ Spring Cleaning, but better late than never.

An email today prompted me to take a look at this blog .. It was all about adding links to my posts that would help them advertise and make me some money.  I’m pretty sure it’s spam, but it got me thinking about this space and how I’ve literally neglected it for over a year now.

So I decided to spruce a few things up (still deciding if I want to keep the overall theme, or chose something more ‘cheery’…), review the blogroll and delete any blogs that were out of date or inactive while visiting those still going strong (or have been active within the last 6 months at least).  Then I updated my ‘About Me’ section, as I realised it was at least two years old..

And then.. nothing.  Huh, what to do now?

Sure there’s been loads going on in my life over the past year… Hell, there’s been loads going on in the WORLD in the past year… But would people actually be interested in me rehashing the past year?  Or should I just look towards the future?

Maybe I should post a couple pics or YouTube videos and see if there’s any site traffic.. but then thought that’s just being lazy.  If I want to see if people are willing to still read this space and about my life, then I can’t take the easy way out.

Historically I generally posted about my life when things weren’t going so well.. I used to write in a journal back in Montreal when life was beating me down, and it was a great outlet for getting my feelings out.  A habit I actually miss and keep meaning to get back to, but never have.

I’m usually too busy playing on my iPhone. hahaha

Basically I need to get back to using this space as my voice to the world, where I write about things that are important to me, or pique my interest while scanning the interwebs.  Things that make me think and hopefully give me a chance to open up a discussion..

Or maybe just post a few pictures of some hot guys. Depends on my mood I guess. 😉

I suppose only time will tell where all this will lead me..

Ciao for now..


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