Rebecca Ferguson – Glitter & Gold


Evening all,

I’m sitting here listening to Rebecca Ferguson‘s album ‘Heaven’ over and over on repeat. And it is definitely.. heavenly.

Those here in the UK know her from being the runner-up on the 2010 X-Factor.  Her debut album went platinum in the first 2 weeks of being released in the UK and Ireland.

Over in Canada (and the US), I’m not so sure if you’ve ever heard of her.. and you should.  Go to iTunes or Spotify and listen to her music.. or search YouTube for her stuff (the remix for ‘Too Good to Lose‘ is soooo fab!).  Trust me.

According to certain entertainment sites, she is currently working with Sonique (yes, her from the 90’s.. check her out here) on the US version of the album to dance it up a bit.  She has already done a few showcases across the Atlantic to get her name out there.. so keep an eye out over there people!

Here’s the YouTube video for her most recent single here in the UK – Glitter & Gold.

Enjoy 🙂

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