Gays + BJs for Str8 Guys = Cancer Fighting Angels


OK.. this article made me laugh so much.

In it, these so-called ‘doctors’ ran a study to determine if heterosexual men who got regular blowjobs from gay men had a reduced risk of developing testicular and prostate cancer.

Conducted over a period of four years, the research involved 600 men aged 23 to 54 who exclusively identify as heterosexual and enjoy penetrative vaginal sex with women. They were divided into two groups: one received oral sex on a daily basis from a team of experienced homosexual men, while the other did not.

Ummm.. WHAT?!?!?!  This a joke! (No such medical journal.. Google it.)  And what the heck is an ‘experienced’ homosexual? LOL

According to biologists who looked into the study, stating that one man stimulating another man’s genitals results in a ‘positive metabolic effect that is magnified intrinsically by the body and improves its chances of resisting prostate and testicular cancer development’.

Who’d have thunk it?  Gay oral sex could be the cure for cancer! BWAHAHAHAHA

Oh, and by the way, the main ‘doctor’ participated in the study himself.  It doesn’t say which group he was in, though I’m leaning towards the group that got sucked off.

And like the article said, this gives an all new meaning to the pick-up line ‘no one knows how to please a man better than another man’.  😉

If only it were true! LOL

For the full article, please press the link here or copy the link below.

2 thoughts on “Gays + BJs for Str8 Guys = Cancer Fighting Angels

  1. mpwilson

    BTW.. it should be noted that this article is a ‘joke’. There’s no such journal, although there is a similarly named one I found online, however it is a European online journal.

    Nobody should take this article as gospel or actual medical truth. LOL

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