New Pictures


MartinMAY09 058For something different, I recently posed for some pictures.  This guy, Simon, had contacted me online on Eurowoof about him possibly doing this for me (for free), so I figured why not.

He was also cute too, so I was sort of hoping I’d get something else out of it too.  LOL

MartinMAY09 082To be honest, when I’d agreed to meet him, I’d thought for sure there’s be some naughtier pictures taken as well .. but alas, I stayed fully clothed the entire time I was there.

The two I’ve posted already where the only ones of the 8 he sent me that were actually any good!!  And he easily took at least 100 pictures throughout the afternoon I was there.

MartinMAY09 134Although I do admit, that this third picture isn’t that bad at all.  Maybe I’m just not happy with how puffy my eyes look.  I’d been out drinking the night before and was feeling a bit tired, so that could explain that.

MartinMAY09 146I think another thing that could explain the lack of interesting photos was the instructions from Simon himself.  Speaking to him about a week or so after this session, he said he felt he couldn’t give me instructions.  At one point he’d sort of suggested something about me taking my shirt off, and he felt he had to back off (ie, not push) when I said I was shy.

Now I don’t know about you guys, but usually when someone says their shy, that usually just means they need a bit of prompting, which was MartinMAY09 030exactly what I was hoping for from Simon.  Oh well.

And maybe I’m just being a bit too self-conscious about how I look, but I really didn’t think the pics of me sitting down were all that flattering.  I’d much rather of had a few pics of me standing up, so at least you couldn’t see my belly so easily.

MartinMAY09 114In the end though, I really shouldn’t complain.  I didn’t exactly give him any sort of idea of what kind of pictures I was hoping for, or what sort of positions I’d like to be photographed in (not THOSE type of positions.. hehehe).

And I didn’t have to pay for the pictures either, so I guess I got what I paid for.  😉


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