Stupid News: Dijongate


Growing up in Canada, we were constantly bombarded with news from the US.  And every so often, some news story would come up that would make me stop, scratch my head, and think, “What the hell is wrong with them?”.

Well, here’s another that recently hit the news, and it’s so inane it makes me wonder how Americans can live with themselves:


For those that haven’t heard of this recently, it’s some kind of right-winged attacked on President Barack Obama’s choice of mustard.

That’s right.  He’s coming under fire for asking for Grey Poupon for his hamburger, which is decidedly non-American according to the pundits.

Um… who gives a frak?!?

According to one online news story (Yahoo News):

It all hearkens back to those silly days of “freedom fries,” the name given to French fries by hawkish conservatives in 2003 when France expressed strong opposition to the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Give me a break!!  All this just because the President of the United States asked for a product that wasn’t manufactured in the US?  How petty and ridiculous is this!

All of this makes me wonder about Americans and if they’re really aware of how idiocies like this make them look to the rest of the world.

For a country that’s ‘supposedly’ the land of the free, they’re pretty close-minded.

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