Power of the Written Word


Quite recently, I had an incident where something I wrote about in my blog came back to bite me in the real world (damn Google searches..).  I’m not going to go into details about this situation (wouldn’t want anymore trouble than I’ve already gotten myself into), but those that are close to me already know what I’m talking about.

This incident really made me sit up and take notice of what I was doing with this web-space.  And going back over past posts, I realized that, without meaning to, I totally put my life and the lives of some of my friends/colleagues on the Internet for all to see.

Truly, what gives me the right to do such a thing?  It’s not like these people have given me permission to broadcast parts of their lives, not to mention pictures of several of them, where anyone could potentially see it.  My life is one thing, but the lives of others?

A fellow blogger I know, GayBanker, has an interesting system that allows him to talk about people in his personal life, without revealing their identities, by using initials or nicknames for each of them.  This is a system I’m considering trying as well, in order to protect the innocent, but I totally don’t want to be copying a fellow blogger’s style.

I’m sure I’ll figure something out in the near future that will still allow me to post about things occurring in my life without causing anyone, especially myself, any headache.

One thing I am going to do though, is really think hard and long about any possible ramifications before I post anything on here.  Before I post something, I’m going to go through the post and think, “Can this hurt anyone I know? Can this hurt me? Is this appropriate to write?”, and then make a decision whether or not to publish it for the world to read.

Because, to be honest, you just never know who may be reading ..


5 thoughts on “Power of the Written Word

  1. S.Design

    The walls got ears , always think twice 🙂

    well glad u ok now ^.-

    and heeeey , yeah initials or nick names is great to use, plus itsn’t a style that belongs to someone “don’t worry you won’t be copying others :P”


  2. Laura :)

    I used to use initals or nicknames back when i used to blog….i’d say go for it! i’m still shocked about the finding of this as well….

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