Gay Bowling League – Finals!


spaceballspaceballLike I mentioned quite awhile back, I joined a Gay Bowling League as run by the London Raiders, a Gay Softball League.  Well, last night was the ‘Finals’ or championship if you prefer.

bowlingAll the teams were divided into 2 divisions, Cup and Plate, based on the points they’d accumulated over the course of the ‘season’.  Our team was put into the Plate group, and starting the finals, we were in the lead.

Well, not that surprisingly, our team, the Pin Bowl Wizards, won our division!  Then again, our Plate division was the bottom half of the teams…

Anyway, normally I’d meet up with Andrew beforehand for dinner at Nando’s and then we’d go to the lanes together.  Last night though, I had to meet up with James beforehand in order for us to finalize the paperwork for the new flat and literally sign off on the lease.

Which was something like 25 some odd pages, and we had to initial each page!!  I swear, there were clauses in there for every little thing you could think of.  Craziness.

Once I sorted all that out with James, off I went to the bowling alley.. and I was there a lot earlier than I thought I would be.  I probably could have still met Andrew for dinner after all, but it would have been rushed.

The night went well, with us killing the first team we played against, and then us having to go up against our direct competition for the last game.  Going into last night, they were only 4 points behind us.

Well, all of our team spent the entire game watching the scoreboard closely while they drank pitchers of beer and just had fun.  Sure we beat them and all, but we had to stop ourselves from staring at the scores several times.  Basically, we got all competitive and forgot to have fun with it until almost the end of the game.

The funny thing was, I got put up against their spare bowler, who’s this cute little bear-cub-type guy.  All during the game, we didn’t even say a word to each other (apparently he’s really competetive too), then afterwards we were joking around and giving each other a big hug like we’ve known each other for ages.  Odd for someone I haven’t met before .. I think.  He looks familiar from somewhere.  Probably online or maybe I’ve seen him at some bar at some point.  Who knows..

Anyway .. so now the bowling season is over, and this weekend they’re having their first training session for the softball.  I still haven’t decided if I want to join the softball league (I haven’t played since probably the mid-80’s .. LOL), but if I do it would definitely be great way to continue to meet new people, and it would also give me a bit of exercise every week.

There’s a ‘Meet the Raiders’ event this Friday night in Soho, so I think I’ll probably go to that and decide from there.

Wonder if that cute guy will be there .. LMAO


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