The Flat: An Update


As it was recently pointed out to me by my soon to be new flatmate James, I really haven’t given an update as to what is now happening with us regarding our living situation.  The last update I gave was in the posting ‘What now…‘, so please go back and read it if you need a refresher.

And to be honest, quite a bit has happened since that last posting.

Well to start off with, we didn’t so much lose the Victoria flat as we gave up on it.  Especially at the end of that week where the agent was just pushing way too hard for us to do something to get everything sorted.  It got to the point where, on the Friday, I literally had had enough of it all, and told the agent off.

He had called, while I was at work, to find out if my payroll manager had called to say that I was actually a permanent employee, not temporary like I’d originally put on the form.  I told him I’d emailed her first thing that morning, and hadn’t heard anything back, which is when he said that I needed to do something more than just email her and should physically go to her to see what she can do.  It wasn’t so much what he said, as how he said it, like I was some child who needed to be guided by the hand.

I literally told him that, if having my payroll manager call in for me doesn’t pay off, then we would be asking for our deposit back and going elsewhere.  We’d had enough.

After I gave him what for, he texted me saying he was sorry he was pushing too much and that he was very frustrated by the whole situation.  He was frustrated??  Did he not realize how much stress the whole situation had put on the two of us?

Anyway, while all this was going on, James had been busy checking out some other listings online and had booked a couple of viewings for us for Saturday.  Only problem was I had a birthday/going away party I had to go to in the afternoon, so wouldn’t be able to go to all the viewings.  Turned out I didn’t need to worry about that…

Originally, we were supposed to see this one place at King’s Cross that looked absolutely beautiful and was right by the station.  Unfortunately, it got snatched up the night before we were to see it.

The second one, that I wasn’t originally too keen on because of the location, was situated down the street from Caledonian Road Station.  The flat itself was alright, nothing spectacular, except it was a pretty small 2-bedroom.

The next one we say was a 2-bedroom Mews house near Oval in a gated community where a couple of James’s friends already live.  We were early so went to theirs for tea and chat while we waited for our appointment.  That place was nice, but again was fairly small (narrow), and we weren’t completely sold on it .. even though it was much cheaper than anything else we’d seen.

That same realitor had a second place to show us, and since I’d already told my friend I’d be a bit late for his party, I went along to see it.  And it’s a good thing I did .. it was absolutely gorgeous!!!

This flat is in a house broken up into 3 flats, and the flat is on the top floor .. and is a split level flat, overlooking Vauxhall Park, and is a 5 minute walk from Vauxhall Station.  There was already some furniture there so we could see where everything would fit, and we both agreed as soon as we left the place that this was ‘the one’.

imageresizeaspxAnyway, to make an already long story shorter, James called the agency and told them we were interested, and that we’d do a 1-yr lease with no break-clause (this was to try to sweeten the deal for the landlord, as there was another couple interested in the place already).  That Monday morning, we got an email from the agency with the online application, which both of us filled out right away.

The next day, the agency was already contacting our employers for references (had already prewarned my payroll manager..), which were sent back same day.  A few days later we got confirmation that our move in date would be March 16th.

That’s right, we got the flat!!

All we’re doing right now is waiting for the lease itself to show up so we can sign it, pay the remaining rent, and then start moving in.  I’ll be moving in right on the 16th, as that is when I told my current flatmates I’d be gone, and James will be moving in the following weekend.

Can’t wait to get in there already!


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