What now…


As I’ve previously posted over the past little while (see The Stress of it all for some backstory), my friend James and I are trying to get a flat near Victoria, and so on (you have read the last posting, right?).

Well, here’s where we are right now:  We’re about to lose the new flat unless something miraculous happens!!!!

You see, I didn’t get the guarantor form from the agent until this past Monday, because he couldn’t read my handwriting and was sending the form to the wrong email address.  Funny thing?  I’d emailed him from my personal email address previously, and he didn’t even think to check the one he had with that to make sure I got the form when I was supposed to.  Smart, huh?

Which means that I wasn’t able to get the form to my Dad in Canada until Monday afternoon (London time) .. and he has yet to say he’ll even do it!

The only kind of response I’ve had from him was an email asking questions about the form (which is literally just the application form James and I had to fill out, but he ticks ‘Guarantor’ at the top instead of ‘Applicant’), which I responded to after asking the estate agent the questions.  Which was last night around 7:30pm or so.

I’d completely understand if my Dad said no to being a guarantor for me, especially with me living on an entirely different continent and all.  It’s just I’d like an answer of some sort from him .. and I’m afraid to push him too much, because I know when pushed into a decision like this, he usually answers ‘no’.

There are a couple of other things we’re trying to do to push this through, but they’re both long-shots:  First being James’s mother being a guarantor for me (although we’ve never met..), but she’s very hesitant to do that.  The second option is to somehow get my work to tell the referencing agency that I’m actually now permanent, eventhough I’m not … I won’t know until tomorrow sometime if Payroll would be willing to do this, as she was gone by the time a co-worker and I thought of it.

If for whatever reason we do lose the flat, James and I will have to start the flat search all over again .. and neither of us want to do that.  We both want this to be sorted and over with already so we can start getting things organized for moving in, transferring the utilities, and so on.

This whole thing should not be causing me as much stress as it is.  I can’t wait until this whole thing is over, one way or another.

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