The Stress of it all


This has been one hell of a stressful week, and I just need it all to go away, or be resolved or something.

As I mentioned in my last posting (The Secret’s Out), my friend James and I are trying to get approval for a flat near Victoria Station, and I was advised I’d need a guarantor for my portion of the rent since I’m on a temporary contract at work.

The problem now is I don’t know for sure if my dad will actually do it for me.  He’s never been very comfortable giving out his personal details, and I found out yesterday, in order for him to be my guarantor, he’d have to give out banking information to the estate agent’s/reference processing company.  I’ve sent him a couple emails explaining the entire situation, but I honestly don’t know if he’ll do it for.

To be honest, it be a tad odd if he didn’t.  I’m sure he’s helped out my older 2 sisters at some point, and I know he’s offered my younger sister to be a co-signer for a mortgage when her and my brother-in-law were looking into it last year.  What makes it different, the fact that I’m single, living in London, or that I’m gay.  Not sure ..

All through Friday, I was constantly checking my email on my iPhone, waiting patiently for the estate agent to send me the form for my dad.  And as I write this on Sunday afternoon, I am STILL waiting.

When I spoke to him on Friday, he said he’d like to get all of this sorted over the weekend, so we could just concentrate on moving in, and I’d love that too.  If only he’d follow up on his word and get me the paperwork already.

I hate waiting.

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