The Secret’s Out


This has been on roller-coaster of a week.  Like I mentioned a few days ago (see Good News), I got some good news that I wanted to share but needed to tell certain people first.  Well, it’s time to tell .. and it’s not as good as I originally thought.

Let me go back to this past Sunday, and the post I made then (Basic Manners), where I talked about how my friend James and I had an appointment near Victoria Station.  This appointment was supposed to be with an estate agent from Re/max so we could look at a 2 bedroom flat.

That’s right, all this secrecy was over me possibly moving house.  Silly, right?  Not really..

I’d decided to keep things quiet because of my current flatmates, some of whom are on my Facebook and could easily click on the link there to see any postings here.  Generally, I put the links for my posts on Facebook in case anyone checking out my profile wants to pop on over and see what all the fuss is about.

So basically, I didn’t want my flatmates to find out I was planning on moving out through Facebook.  That’s reasonable, isn’t it?

Anyway, James and I ended up actually seeing the flat on Monday afternoon, with us deciding on the spot we wanted to apply for the place.  At first both of us were a bit uneasy when we realized it was a basement flat under a Subway’s restaurant, but that went away once we saw the place.  It’s not the most amazing flat in the world, but it’s really nice.  And the kitchen is gorgeous with the wood counters and cupboards.

The main reason both of us were willing to go with this flat is because of it’s location.  For those who don’t really know London, Victoria Station is not quite dead-centre, but it’s pretty close.  It’s the main transportation hub for the entire city, be if for the Tube, National Rail trains South of the city, city buses, and inter-city buses.  And this flat was barely a 5 minute walk away .. this would cut my travel time to work down to a third.

So we told the agent we’d like to apply for the flat, and off we went down the street to the Re/max office so we could fill out the paperwork and put down a £300 deposit.

Later that afternoon, James got a message from the agent saying he wasn’t sure if we’d get accepted because the landlord wants someone to move in right away, and we don’t want to move in until mid-March (due to James’s current flat..).  We felt bad, but still optimistic.

Then on Tuesday we didn’t really hear anything, but James found an email from the agent on Wednesday morning that had been sent the night before – we got the flat!!! And the landlord was fine with our not taking possession until the middle of March!!  WOOHOO!!

Talk about excited .. both us kept emailing each other while at work to talk about it, and about how exciting it all was.

Well, today the bubble was burst.  For me, anyway – I made the stupid mistake of putting down that I was on a temporary contract at work, and that it ended in April.  The agent called me directly to let me know this could be an issue, and that odds are I’d need a guarantor to co-sign for the flat.  DAMN!!!

I don’t really know a lot of people here in London to begin with, let alone someone who’d be willing to co-sign for the flat for me.  So now I’m waiting for the agent to get back to me whether or not my parents in Canada can do it for me.

Another option I thought of on the way home from work was that they just put the application in James’s name only, not both of ours, but we still move in there together as planned.  I don’t know if they’d be willing to do that or not, but it won’t hurt to ask.

So, keep your fingers crossed for me that all this works out, and fast.  I don’t know if I can handle the stress.  LOL

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