Basic Manners


It amazes me, in this day and age, how some people still don’t know basic manners.  This is especially true if you’re in any sort of business, but also in life.  Today was a prime example of a lack of manners, which surprises me being in London and all.

I can’t really go into too many details, as I haven’t really told the ‘what’ that is happening to many people, and it’s probably best to keep it quiet until I know for sure what’s happening.  This is in case those people it may affect are actually reading this blog, and I wouldn’t want to cause any problems with them.

Damn, could that be any more vague?  LMAO Don’t worry, it’s nothing seedy or illegal.  I can hear the groans of disappointment now… 😉

And for anyone curious, my friend James I speak of here is someone I met not long after moving to London.  He’s gay as well, but we’re just friends.

Anyway, I was to meet James near Victoria Station at 4pm for our ‘appointment’.  I was there well early, but didn’t hear a peep out of him.  Just before 4pm, I walked down to where we were going and waited around, hoping he’d show up.  By close to 4:30 I’d given up and started heading back to Victoria Station when James called to let me know the appointment had been moved to 6pm last minute, and that he’d be at the Station by 5pm so we could grab a quick bite before going.

That was fine, no big deal … would have been nice if I’d known earlier that the appointment had been moved though.  It would have saved me from stalking around Upper Tachbrook Street (where the appointment was).

Anyway, after James showed up, we went for a bite to eat at Wasabi (great food for cheap … check it out if you get the chance) before heading to the appointment … where we waited close to an hour for the guy to show up, which he never did!!  It’s a real piss off too, cause we both want to get this whole thing sorted asap so we can plan out next plan of attack.

So around 6:40pm we decided to give up on the guy showing, and went home.  Well, I went home; James was heading to a friend’s place to get some help with his CV.

Around 8pm or so, I got a voice-mail from James saying that the guy had just called him and ‘claimed’ he’d forgotted or lost is phone earlier, which was why he hadn’t called us back to arrange our meeting.  Whatever.. likely story.

So now, we’ve rescheduled our appointment for tomorrow afternoon at 2pm, which means we both have to get some time off work last minute to go take care of this thing.  I haven’t decided if I want to see about taking a half day (using some vacation time) or maybe just take a really long lunch and go back to work afterwards.  It would have worked better for me if it had been later in the evening, but James has other plans already that can’t be rescheduled.

It just seems to me that the guy we’re meeting with would have a little more sense as to what he’s doing.  If it wasn’t for the fact that James and I are both really keen on doing this thing, we would have buggered off already.  This guy is supposed to be a businessman of sorts, so you’d think he’d be a lot more on the ball.  And when you know you’ve got an appointment at a certain time, at a certain place, don’t you think it be good business to at least show up, even if you’ve ‘lost’ your phone?

We both really hope this meeting goes well, because it would definitely be beneficial for both of us.  And once it is all sorted, and I’ve informed those who need to know about it, I’ll let the rest of you know as well.

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