Wanda Sykes on Gay Marriage


Hey guys,

I found this clip on YouTube of Wanda Sykes where she talks about gay marriage, and how the only thing that is threatening ‘marriage’ is divorce, not gay marriage.  Very funny and relevant, especially for those who live in countries that haven’t legalized gay marriage yet.


Btw.. did anyone else know that she had officially come out as a lesbian?  I saw a clip on another site (sorry, forgot to get the link), where she was talking at a rally in Nevada (I think) about Prop 8 and getting marriage rights across the country, not just in California.  If anyone finds it, let me know.  🙂

3 thoughts on “Wanda Sykes on Gay Marriage

  1. But WHEN will we get ANGRY ENOUGH to bring about REAL CHANGE?

    FED UP with having to be “liked enough” for equal rights?

    Believe EQUALITY is ours to TAKE and refuse to beg for it?

    For All Americans who support our demand for equality:

    EQUALITY TAX REVOLT – Wednesday, April 15, 2009

    • mpwilson

      Note: It should obviously be stated that the comments left aren’t necessarily an accurate representation of my view of how things should be done. However I am all for freedom of speech, which is why I allowed this comment to be posted here. ~M

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