A Night in HEAVEN



Last night, I went out with my friend from work, Vince.  Initially, we’d planned on meeting for a drink or two in Soho at the Duke of Wellington, and then head down to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern (RVT for short) for their usual Saturday night ‘Duckie’ show (think drag show on acid…).

Instead, we ended up agreeing to meet a fellow ex-pat friend of his from South Africa at a bar called the Ku Bar, which was pretty decent … once we actually found it.  Since we didn’t know where it was, we both got out our mobiles and checked on the GPS, which was off by about 3 blocks, and had the completely wrong address.

img_0022Anyway, once we got there and met up with Vince’s friend Ian, we went in to meet some friends of Ian’s.  Next thing we knew it was an hour or so later, and they were inviting us to go to G-A-Y @ HEAVEN with them.  I’d never been, and wasn’t 100% certain if it was my scene (for those in Montreal, think Unity/Sky crossed with Stereo … but really cool), but I figured why not.  Never hurts to try new things, right?  Besides, by the time we’d have gotten to RV T, the show would have been about half over…

So off we went back over to Old Compton Street to get ourselves some wrist-bands so we could get in free before walking down to the club, which is right at Embankment Station, down the street from Trafalgar Square.

spotlightimg_0021Well, surprisingly enough, I absolutely LOVED it there!  It had nothing to do with what type of guys were there, or how hot they were (some were really hot, especially the one bartender…others were too twinky for my liking).  It was more about the vibe of the place, and the terrific music mix.  I think everyone went a little mad when they played mixes from Jennifer Hudson (Spotlight) and Katy Perry (Hot N’ Cold).

img_0027Vince, Ian and I spent the entire night together, dancing and drinking our asses off.  I think we all lost track how much we all drank last night … we’d been drinking doubles since Ku Bar, so we were stumbling and slurring just a bit here and there.  Well, Ian was before either of us were.  Don’t think he’s used to drinking that much.  LOL

img_0029To be honest, most of the night was a bit of a blur, but none of us really noticed.  We were way too busy having fun, and none of us seemed to be trying to find someone to pick up (not that I noticed anyway…).  Sure, all of us were constantly checking out the guys, but it was more about enjoying the music and each other’s company.img_0031

The funny thing is one of my flatmates, Agi, has been trying to get me to go there for months now with her and her girlfriend.  I’d always put her off because I didn’t think I’d like it there … now there’s no excuses.  Next time they ask me to go with them, I’ll have no choice but to join them.

Such a difficult life … 😉

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