And the Oscar Goes to…


genericThat’s right everyone, it’s Oscar time.  Anyone who knows me reasonably well should know I absolutely love watching the Academy Awards, and for many years while living in Montreal, I’d get together with my friend (and former boss/roommate) Shawn.

Each year, we’d get together, either just the two of us or occasionally with a couple of others, and be glued to the tv screen as we watched the award show.  We’d order take out, get some munchies, and wouldn’t get up unless it was a commercial.

Now that I’m living in London, I don’t have someone to watch them with here (and probably wouldn’t be able to live…), but at least Shawn and I can still chat about what we think of the nominations.

Here’s my email I just sent him …  really hope he doesn’t mind I used it on here.  Oh, and to check out the full list of Nominees, please click HERE.

Hey Shawn,

Just read the nominations (actually, watched the recorded announcement on the website…), and thought I’d give you a shout and see what you thought of it all…curiouscaseofbenjaminbutton_pi

changeling_jolieaKinda an odd bunch, huh?  Brangelina are both nominated .. a little odd, but not completely out of left field.

Robert Downey tropicthunder_downeyjrrJr gets a comedy nod, but won’t unfortunately win darkknight_ledgerhno matter how good of an actor he is (or how much ‘Iron Man’ made at the box office) – it’ll all be about Heath Ledger getting the posthumous award.  I hope….

doubt_streepmTons of nominations for ‘Doubt’, including one for Meryl Streep, but I’ve never even heard of it.  I don’t even know if it’s open over here.  Shocking there wasn’t one for ‘Mama Mia’ … oh yeah, it was cute and all, but it really wasn’t that good!  Especially Pierce Brosnan!vickycristinabarcelona_cruzp

Penelope Cruz gets nominated again for playing a crazy, slutty Spaniard .. can we say type-casting??  HAHAHAH

rachelgettingmarried_hathawayaAnne Hathaway gets a nod?  I heard ‘Rachel Getting Married’ was good (although didn’t seem to make a blip at the box-office), but she’s totally getting it for not playing her usual bubbly self, cutting her hair, and trying to look all tough .. or maybe it’s something to do with that little scandal she had last year.  Hmmm…

wrestler_rourkemUmm… Mickey Rourke?!?!?!?!?  I’ve heard some good stuff about ‘The Wrestler’ and all, but … it’s milk_pennsMICKEY ROURKE?!?!?!  All I can think of is ‘9 1/2 Weeks’!!!  LOL  (Not even going to comment on the other former ‘bad-boy’ nominated … Sean Penn is such a good actor, he deserves it!)

slumdogmillionaire‘Slumdog Millionaire’ … it’s the one movie that’s come out of nowhere, and EVERYONE is talking about it. And I think it’s now become a front-runner for Best Picture.  Weird… but in a cool, interesting sort of way.

wrestler_tomeimAnd how the hell did Marisa Tomei get ANOTHER nomination??  She can’t act her way out of a torn, wet paperbag while holding a pair of scissors.  LMAO

Of course, the sad thing is, other than ‘The Dark Knight’ and the animated movies, I haven’t seen a single one of these movies!!!  Hahahaha  Our internet was down over the holidays so couldn’t d/l or watch anything online (not even YouTube… it sucked), and I’ve only been to the movies once over here … on a date, and he dragged me to see ‘The Women’.  It was cute and all, but I wanted my money back.  😉

So, what’s your take on the nominations?  Like my Facebook status says, I have no idea how I’ll be able to watch them over here.  Definitely not live … I’d be getting to bed at 5 or 6 am, and I get up for work at 6:30!!  Oh well… sure I’ll figure that one out.

Talk soon … and Happy Award-Show Season!!!  LMAO


PS:  After re-reading what I just wrote .. this is today’s Blog entry.  It’s all about multitasking.  😉

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