Welcome to the White House


Some might be wondering why a Gay Canadian living in the UK would feel the need to comment on the new President of the United States.  And feat_624x351_inaug_prelaunchwhy I would feel it would even remotely affect me.

Because it affects us all, no matter where we live, who we are, and how we live our lives.

Welcome to the White House.

That’s right, that’s the real link to the White House website, and as the site states, ‘Change has come to America‘.  And this change has been long over due, and not just for our American cousins.

As for me, I’ve always been somewhat outspoken about my general dislike towards the American people.  This was never because of any one thing, just an overall distaste towards their holier-than-thou, bible-thumping, we-rule-the-world attitude.

And their complete and utter ignorance of Canada.

You ask most Americans NOT living in a border state what the capital of Canada was (hell, some probably can’t even tell you WHERE Canada is…), and they will get it wrong the majority of the time.  But at the same time, whenever they go traveling (especially around Europe), they pretend to be us because they know they’ll be treated nicer.  Canadians definitely have the better reputation around the world…

Now, to be honest, I don’t know how Barack Obama being the new President will help this ignorance, but one can only hope there’ll be some kind of change in the US education system.  Hope .. Pray … Beg … Whatever.  LOL

For me, the reason Mr Obama’s election excites me is because he is the first minority President in the history of the US, despite their centuries of ignorance, racism, and prejudice.  And as a fellow minority (yes, being Gay is considered being a minority), this makes me believe that anything is possible in the world and gives my soul a much needed confidence boost.

Not to mention that he has very openly come out in favor of gay marriage in the US, something I don’t beleive many other politicians there would be willing to do.  (See Gay Rights Watch for more info on how he stands on this and other important Gay Rights issues)

In the end though, what I think he’ll do most of all is help restore and revitalize the tarnished image of Americans after the disaster that was the Bush administration. What a mess that was….

Damn, guess that means no more ‘talking monkey’ jokes … oh well.

Welcome to the White House, Mr Obama.  May your stay have the intended affect that all of us are hoping for.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the White House

  1. Hi! As a gay American, I sure hope you’re right. I have never been supportive of Bush’s policies towards other countries or other non-radical right Americans. Needless to say, I can’t wait for the change to come. 🙂

    Reverend Barber

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