Looking For a Few Good Friends


As most people in my life know, I moved to London about 4 months ago from Canada and I’ve had an amazing time setting up my life here.

Unfortunately there’s a few things missing, namely some romance (see Eternally Single) and some good friends.  Sure there are other things as well, like a decent career (don’t get me started on working in call centres, please!) or a place to truly call home, but I don’t want to go into those right now.u0205_colton_03_x322

I literally mean that I need to find myself some people I can truly calls friends … and haven’t either already slept with them, or want to.  I never claimed to be an angel, I just come across that way … well, maybe in my dreams.  😉

Since moving to London, I have met a couple of people that I can call friends, but none of them would be even remotely considered a ‘best’ friend, let alone a close one.  To me a close/best friend is someone who wants to talk to you basically every day, and right now I’m lucky if my mobile even rings once a day … and that’s usually a text message, not someone calling.

Also, some of these new ‘friends’ are people I work with, and I’ve noticed that when you’re not at work, you don’t hear from them.  That doesn’t work for me either.

Once again, I’ve been given the same advice regarding this as I was about being so painfully single: that I need to be patient because I’ve only been in London for 4 months.  I understand the advice, but you’d think after 4 months I’d have met at least one person that wouldn’t mind hanging out on a fairly regular basis.

I think what I’m having trouble adjusting to living here in London, is that people here are always busy.  They always have somewhere to go and someone to meet.  They always have something to do, and right now I feel like I’m floundering.

Luckily, this is something I can do something about.  Thanks to my friend Andrew (who I briefly dated a couple of months ago), I’m joining a gay bowling league of sorts.  It’s actually a softball league, but they bowl in the off-season, and this could be a good way for me to start making some new friends … in a non-sexual way.  I’d been contemplating joining some kind of group like this for awhile now, and it was just good timing when Andrew mentioned it to me over drinks just before New Year’s.

So, hopefully joining this group will not only give me something to do once or twice a month, but it’ll hopefully lead to me actually meeting some new people in London.  My fingers are crossed … just have to relax and remember it won’t all happen in one night.

Wish me luck!

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