Like I mentioned in my comment about the Facebook linking issues I’ve been having, I fell upon this website: Networking

Basically, this site looks for just updated blogs, and displays them.  But not only that, if you link to the site/blog or mention the site on your blog, that gets displayed as well.

The whole purpose of getting your blog displayed is to get people to see it and read it, which is something all bloggers are desperately trying to do.

I found, after entering my blog url onto the site a couple of times to promote it (you can do it as many times as you want…), the number of hits I got went up by about 7 times!!!  In other words, my meager 6 hits turned into 42 within less than an hour (I know, that’s not a lot of hits, but for someone who just started their blog a few weeks ago, any increase in traffic is greatly appreciated!!  LOL).

This will definitely be one site I’ll return to over and over again.  Because you just never know who may be reading your blog, and what may come of it.


2 thoughts on “ Networking

  1. mpwilson

    And just to update: in a little under 4 hours, thanks to this website, linking to their blog, and writing about Alpha Inventions, my blog got OVER 700 HITS!!!! THIS ROCKS!!!

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