Flying to London


So, after all that preparation, waiting and anxiety, there I was on September 3rd at Pearson International Airport (Toronto) with my parents.  It was finally all happening!  I was leaving Canada to set up a new life in London.  What a scary freakin’ thought!


Of course, we had the usual mess at check in:  my bags were both WAY over weight and I had to open them up right there and repack.  There’s nothing like a last-minute repack in front of a bunch of strangers.  To this day I still have no clue what crap I left behind with my parents.

Which reminds me… they still have to send that stuff to me..  hmmm.

Anyway, we got to the airport WAY too early, like 3 hours too early!  So after checking in my bags, and having some supper in one of the over crowded restaurants, my parents and I just wandered around the terminal, checked out the gift shops, and I ducked out for several cigarettes.  The closer it got to my flight time, the more nervous I got… on top of moving to another country, this was my first time flying!!

Once it became time to go through the security check, emotions were definitely running high.  There were loads of tears, kisses and hugs.. who knew Dad was so emotional.  😉

Oh, who am I kidding, I was bawling my eyes out too!!

So, because I was so emotionally distracted, I went through the metal detector without removing my belt, keys, and change in my pockets.  How embarrassing!!  And the security staff weren’t very friendly either… in fact, they mumbled and I had to ask them repeatedly to speak up.

Alright, let’s just jump ahead of all this boring crap.  Next thing I knew (after finally getting my belt back on), I was crammed into my window seat with my laptop between my feet (didn’t fit under the seat like it was supposed to… so I over-pack, alright?), and holding onto the arm rests for dear life.  I definitely freaking out a little.

Luckily, the two ladies that were seated beside me were chatty, and this distracted me somewhat.  Until the engines started and we started to taxi down the runway…. All I remember thinking was, ‘What the fuck was I doing?!?!?  Am I freakin’ crazy?!?!’, but once the jets kicked in (cool feeling, that), and we got up in the air, I was totally fine.  I’d freaked out for nothing.


The flight itself was completely boring.  The most interesting thing that happened was I had to be moved to another seat because my headphone jack was bunged up… got to be able to watch the movie.   lol  And lucky me, it was right by the galley and the bathrooms.  They really shouldn’t serve curry chicken on those flights.  LOL

So, after a fairly boring 7 hour or so flight (and I surprisingly didn’t drink…), we started circling to land at Gatwick Airport in London.  Everyone was straining to get a glimpse of London and all of England below us… and I would have had a terrific view if I hadn’t been moved because of a stupid earplug.  Damn whomever did that!  😉

Anyway, the airport wasn’t that exciting… although it was cool that I got to bypass Customs and Immigration cause of my British Passport.  Irrational as it was, I half expected someone to stop me and ask to hear my accent!  LOL

Of course, I did get lost twice trying to figure out which train I had to take into the city, but I eventually found it and arrived at Victoria Station, right in the heart of the city.

Now I just needed to figure out how to find my way around….

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