Ahhh… look at those innocent children in the picture. They live in a time and place where they have no worries in the world, and their biggest concern is how much time they will get to spend playing with their friends in the snow. It’s a world of spontaneity and naivety that we all wish we could go back to, where we don’t have to worry about money, bills, boyfriends, work and all the other things that can stress us out on a daily basis. The innocence in the picture’s world gets lost over time, time we all wish we could get back. Just remember one thing this Holiday season as you spend time with your friends and loved ones: We all make choices in life, and as hard as we try not to, we all make a choice how we are going to react to the things that happen on a daily basis. Choose to worry only about the things that can be taken care of in the immediate future, and then tackle the other things as they come up. That may sound like procrastination, but in fact its being a realist.

Have a happy and joyous holiday season.


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